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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Let's get excited...and hand-made

We're excited...can you tell?
tonight we got a chance to hang out with the college students at Hunter Street - they are a lot of fun! We grilled out, (they) played sand volleyball, we played cards and danced to silly music. There was much fun to be had! I was most impressed when I arrived at the church to see Aaron wearing this... For a guy that doesn't like stripes, bright colors or plaid - it cracked me up to see him in the full Tommy Bahama Luau spirit! He even broke out the white shorts:) Very impressive babe!

Onto hand made - not by my hands of course - because I can barely make the bed...much less any of these precious items. The painting below is by Emily - one of my discipleship girls - I think I've shared it before - but I just wanted to point it out again. She gave it to us right after we decided on the name - it goes perfectly in the nursery!

Aaron came home tonight with this little gift from someone at the church. She hand-made this sweet burp cloth. It's so cute I'm not sure that I even want to get it dirty...it should be more of a decoration!
My high school friend that now lives in Indiana, Mary at TheSchwamishLife, sent me this hand-made nursing cover. Every edge is perfectly trimmed and sewn - she's a mom of 2 and still managed to make this special gift for us! I just LOVE the fabric and can't wait to use it!
This Boppy Cover is something that I bought from Etsy from DaisyK.
I got to pick my own fabric, stripes and minky - she hand-made it and shipped it within the week. I priced it out - and it was actually the same price or less as one from Target or BabiesRUs after tax and everything! It's SO soft and came wrapped with care instructions, cute tissue paper and ribbon - I think I'll be giving some of these as gifts I love mine so much!
Stripe Side:
Minky Side:
Thanks for all your sweet comments and advice today! That really means a lot - I even got several super-helpful e-mails that I plan on studying more as Walker's arrival gets closer!
We made our "phone list" tonight - we'll see how far we make it down the list once labor starts...but if all else fails - I do hope to at least twitter a little between contractions (note the word "hope") which links to facebook and the blog. Hope your weekend is great! If it's not raining Saturday I plan to chill for a bit at the pool!! Might as well enjoy it while I can!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Delivery Disclaimer

i don't intend to be ugly. and though i use "you" - this post is not directed to you...
it's my blog and i just need to get this out.
so here goes...
Goal #1: Deliver a healthy baby Walker into the world
Goal #2: Experience a natural childbirth

there's no trophy, there's no certificate, no pat on the back, and no cash prize. i realize that - completley
i am of the mindset that the miracle has already happened. there's a little human that grew from 2 cells that's now moving, swallowing, having the hiccups, kicking, smiling and sleeping - upside down and under water in my tummy. i've got nothing to prove.

HELLO..what could top the miracle that God has created in this new life?
certainly no 24 hour labor exerience could be more important than this?
certainly the method to which Walker is delivered couldn't trumph the miracle of creation?
certainly 9 months of growth and development wouldn't be overshadowed by 2 days in the hospital?

I don't know why - but something deep inside me wants to experience a natural childbirth. Can i do it? Who knows, but why would you discourage someone about something that they desire - especially when it has not direct affect on you? Are marathon's hard? triathalons? intervews? marriage? heartache? work? life? yeah - those are hard too - but we still do them, give them a try - have a chance at completing them.

it would be nice to hear more often than not some encouragement about childbirth, maybe a "i'll be praying for you guys on that day" instead of a "i'll give you one hour of hard labor and that's all you can do" or a "yeah - good luck with that you'll be beggin' for an epidural"
it's like if you said, 'i have a big interview today - i'm so nervous but i feel prepared and i really think i can get this job" and i replied, "yeah right - you're going to clam-up, make a fool of yourself - and end-up crawling out the door - you'll never land that job"

so all that to say - if you think about us - over the next week or so - will you pray that while we are laboring and delivering by choice in a very tecnhologically advanced hospital - with every type of drug, intervention, or surgery capability that could be necessary at our disposal, that no matter the delivery method that we take that we could deliver a healthy baby boy? That's not too much to ask right?

and also - THANKS - for all the encouragement, kind words, advice, prayers and support over the past 9 months - it DOES stand out above the negative and it does make a difference. We are more excited than ever to meet Walker and begin this new season in our lives!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Preggo Faves...

Thought I would share a few things that I have enjoyed whilst preggers...All the pics are linked if you're interested.

My Chaco's...they are the most comfy shoes that I own. Mine are green - but this was the best pic I could find. They will adjust to my feet if my feet swell at all - and I can wear them ALL day. They have been lifesavers this summer!

Liz Lange maternity tank from Target. I love this cami because it "grows" with you, it's plenty long enough and it stays in place. I should have bought one in every color but a white and a black have served me well...and I am sure I will be wearing them post preggers too!
Mama Bee Belly Butter...Emily gave this to me at Christmas and I started using it shortly after. I just use a little every day and completely cover my belly and sides...so far so good - as I have no belly stretchmarks (knock on wood). This one little jar has lasted my entire pregnancy and I have faithfully used it every day! It's real light - but has made my skin so very soft. I would highly recommend it!
The neighborhood pool (which looks nothing like this) has given me so much to look forward to on the weekends we are home. I LOVE getting in the pool and just floating around. It's so relaxing and really takes away the feeling of carrying all this extra weight around. I have never appreciated the pool so much!
And lastly - this is a post-pregnancy wish - according to a few friends this little guy is a must-have. So I have been searching craig's list and e-bay to look for a great deal - hopefully I will find one before the baby comes!

And I can't leave out ice cream. Moosetracks, Chocolate Trinity, Butterfinger Overload, Heavenly Hash...you name it - that can make any day better!
What about you - I'm sure there are things that I've missed out on - just because I don't know they are out there. Do you or did you have any preggo favorites - do share!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Precious hands...

These are my Moma's hands (pronounced like mama - we just spell it differently) They work hard every day. Sewing, cleaning, painting, computing, driving, planting, texting, calling and cooking. And even on their days "off" they have been know to sew, paint, clean and cook for others. Most of the decor in our home - is on the walls because of these little hands. All the curtains - "hand" crafted by them as well. Even the planters outside were "hand" placed by these hands.
I love those precious little hands. They are tiny - they make my hands look like man hands - and Aaron's look like Goliath hands. But either way - hers are much more talented than mine. And I would venture to say they are more loving as well.
All that to say - "thanks Moma" I hope you know how much you (and your hands) are loved and appreciated, because with your hands and you heart - you have (always) truly blessed us as a family! We love you!
M & A

Friday, July 24, 2009

I won...

a brand new 32" LCD Flat screen TV from work (non-returnable)...
Which I am very excited about!
However - I (we) need a new computer.
Just due to the fact that our laptops (pc's) are from 2005 - mine has no programs on it - thanks to a virus it caught during computer flu season and a laundry list of other things that it needs help with...so, if you need a TV and have a computer you would like to trade for just let me know - until then...we will have an xtra TV at home.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Walker's Nursery - FINISHED!

It's FINISHED!! I am so thankful that my mom, grandmother and sister were able to come last weekend and help finish up a few things around the house including the nursery!!
Here are as many pics as I could upload.
Letters from Hobby Lobby used to be GOLD - I waited for them to be 50% off and with just a little spray paint and there you have it!
Airplanes I got before I knew we were having a boy...they worked out perfectly hanging from the ceiling! Mom and Papa gave me the fly sign when I got my pilot's license in 2002!
Shelves - we took the idea from Pottery Barn - made a trip to Ikea and Home Depot and spent half the money!
Burlap Fabric from Hobby Lobby $3.00 Ribbon $6.00...My mom's talent to sew curtains...priceless to me!

So there you have it...the little guy's nursery! There are more pics in the album link above if you're interested!


The Wedding March

This is another goodie from You Tube. Hope your wedding's this memorable!


Monday, July 20, 2009

Any Diaper Subscribers?

Quick question...
Do you...
Do you know anyone...
or did you ever...
Subscribe for diapers through Amazon.com

If so or if not - what's the best way to buy diapers - save the most money. Currently I'm not a diaper snob - I think I will use whatever works - but there's just so much info out there on the most cost effective way to buy diapers - and they can't all be right.
Any help would be awesome!
Prayer Request - Our friends and neighbors, Lisa and Stephen just had their 2nd little boy and he's spending a few days in the NICU. If you would lift them up in your prayers that wouls be awesome!
Also - the nursery is finished and i have a ton-o-pics to post. Hopefully I will have time to post tonight!
I will leave you with this picture of my grandmother in Express...posing as a mannequin! Check-out her outfit:)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Only in Alabama...

...would this be able to drive up the interstate. There's nothing that Duct Tape and Bunjee cords won't fix...even a family vacation! LB - was this you guys?

Funny thing is - when I was in high school - on the way to family vacation - my Papa's motorhome was hit with a piece of plywood - and we had to drive a good ways with NO windshield at all...this one looks like something Clarke Griswold (or his cousin Eddie) might step-out of!

1:57a.m...shouldn't I be sleeping?

Well - it's 1:57 a.m. central time - and though I should be, need to be and want to be sleeping - it just ain't happening right now. I just can't go to sleep. So - since I have been quarantined at work this week - and too exhausted after work to participate in blogging activities - I thought now would be a good time to update!
I got a lot of great stroller advice - thanks for the input!
Last weekend we were thrown a shower in GA - and we really got some great goodies for the baby. A lot of the essentials - and then some sweet little clothes, bibs and such - I would post pics now - but there's not a chance of me finding the camera in the dark!
We are in the midst of a sales project at work - I'm not sure what the weekly total was - but I know at the end of the day Monday - I had placed 156 calls to local businesses to attend a seminar with us next week. WOW - let me just say - telemarketing is NOT my thing - and for brief moments - I was wishing to be sick, go into labor of find some way to go home and not come back. Fortunately today was our last "phone day" until next week when we have to meet these people and "close" them after the seminars...still praying for an "out" but with my luck - I'll be there till the bitter end - along with everyone else!
I had a doc appt. this week. Everything went well - it was a little "invasive" to say the least - but Walker's doing well - still measuring 2 weeks ahead just like he has all along. Come Monday - I will be 3 weeks out from the due date - which is just SO hard to believe!
My mom, sister and grandmother were planning a visit this weekend - to help with some last minute baby preparations and for a shower that we are having on Sunday. So I get home from work - with all intentions of going to the store - to prepare for their stay - Aaron meets me outside and says to come in and change before we leave...and Wah-Lah - there they are hiding in the bedroom - they came a day early as a surprise! They will be here through Sunday and I'm so excited to get some extra time with them. Hopefully by the time they leave - we will have the nursery finished, decorated and a few other household decor things taken care of. I can't wait to post pics of the nursery...I think it's going to turn out really cute!
Here's a few pics from our 4th of July vacay with Aaron's family...we spent 1/2 a week in Destin, FL - and it was a much needed get away!
Here's Aaron with 2 guys from church that were vacationing at the same time as we were - they were flexin' for us before they went to the beach!
And here I am - with Katy and Chelsea - we decided to chill at the pool while the boys were gone.This would be a vacation MUST...
Me and my sweetie - this was my fav pic from the trip
Aaron with his mom on the balcony of our condo
Vacation's never long enough - but I am thankful to have gone - and I'm still trying my hardest to hold every bit of tan possible!
I think I'll try to get some sleep now...this was rather therapeutic though!
Thanks for giving me an outlet!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Calling All Moms...

Hi - any moms out there? Current or future?
How many strollers might one child need?
We have essentially registered for 3.
The Chicco Travel System (with carseat)
The Baby Trend Jogging Stroller (obtained)
The Combi Umbrella stroller (reclines)

Did you or do you use the stroller that came with your carseat? Or would the other 2 be sufficient? Too much to choose from and trying to be practical here. Any bit of advice would be super:)


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Only in Alabama

The pic below was taken by Amy - fellow blogger and former aerobics buddy (when I wasn't working). She wrote the caption - thought it was great!"Amusement/Water Park ticket-$34.99 - Arby's Roast Beef Sandwiches-$7.00 - Warming your lunch on the dash of your car while you hang out at Alabama Adventure-ONLY IN ALABAMA!

Here's another one taken in the Publix parking lot before church today. I actually circled the parking lot twice so I could get a pic. I think I was most fascinated by the "spotlights" they are using as headlights!

Only in Alabama people!

What about you? Do you have any Only in _________ to share with us? I know Alabama can't be the only place that provides such great entertainment!