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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Preggo Faves...

Thought I would share a few things that I have enjoyed whilst preggers...All the pics are linked if you're interested.

My Chaco's...they are the most comfy shoes that I own. Mine are green - but this was the best pic I could find. They will adjust to my feet if my feet swell at all - and I can wear them ALL day. They have been lifesavers this summer!

Liz Lange maternity tank from Target. I love this cami because it "grows" with you, it's plenty long enough and it stays in place. I should have bought one in every color but a white and a black have served me well...and I am sure I will be wearing them post preggers too!
Mama Bee Belly Butter...Emily gave this to me at Christmas and I started using it shortly after. I just use a little every day and completely cover my belly and sides...so far so good - as I have no belly stretchmarks (knock on wood). This one little jar has lasted my entire pregnancy and I have faithfully used it every day! It's real light - but has made my skin so very soft. I would highly recommend it!
The neighborhood pool (which looks nothing like this) has given me so much to look forward to on the weekends we are home. I LOVE getting in the pool and just floating around. It's so relaxing and really takes away the feeling of carrying all this extra weight around. I have never appreciated the pool so much!
And lastly - this is a post-pregnancy wish - according to a few friends this little guy is a must-have. So I have been searching craig's list and e-bay to look for a great deal - hopefully I will find one before the baby comes!

And I can't leave out ice cream. Moosetracks, Chocolate Trinity, Butterfinger Overload, Heavenly Hash...you name it - that can make any day better!
What about you - I'm sure there are things that I've missed out on - just because I don't know they are out there. Do you or did you have any preggo favorites - do share!


  1. Mimi Maternity gave me a $20 off coupon to Babycenter.com, and I used it to purchase my Ergo Carrier and I got free shipping. Check it out. Just a thought. :)

  2. what awesome stuff, i'll have to remember this if we have a #3! I am in love with my "snoogle" maternity pillow. I finally put it away, but i could sleep with it in the bed for the rest of my life. It's a little large and obnoxious, but probably the most comfortable thing ever. I had it 24/7 those last couple weeks before i popped! Babies R us and BB & Beyond! You are almost there girlfriend!!!