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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Great friends, great day!

Monday we got quite a TREAT!  Some dear friends came up and spent the day with us!  

Miss Mailee has grown SO much since we saw her last.  She's sitting up now like a big girl!
 Aerleigh wanted to make sure everyone knew the schedule for the day, it's always important that play-dates are well-organized and structured;)
 Marlee was listening intently as she didn't want to miss out on any important details.
 Ice-cream!  No day is complete without it!
 Aerleigh, Miss Tammy and Walker
 Check-out Maille going for the grab.  I'm pretty sure she wasn't successful as her mom stopped her a split second before the heist!
 The 2 love-birds before their departure!
 They are seriously the cutest couple EVER!  
 Thank you Andrea and Tammy for sharing your day with us!  You ladies are a true blessing and such a breath of fresh-air! 

Friday, March 30, 2012

A boy and his "peace" car.

Every little boy needs a police car, or as Walker calls it, a "peace" car.  How else will you keep people from speeding through the yard, running over the grass, and trampling all the flowers?
 And for every good "peace" car, a little boy also needs a beautiful side-kick to manage all fines and violations!
 This specific little boy is very serious about patrolling.  He'll call you out over the loud speaker and pull over before you can even find your license and registration!
 No kidding here!
 Never mind the thin mint residue left from post-nap-snack, that's totally acceptable on this police force!
 So watch it when you're out on the roads, because this guy shown no mercy and sometimes he calls for back-up!

Marlee Grace @ 6 Months!

Happy 6 month birthday to our sweet little girl!  The past 6 months have seriously FLOWN by!  I never thought I'd say that when you were 3 weeks old and up ALL night!
But now, you've become quite the pleasant little girl.  Sleeping well, eating like a champ and giving us lots of smiles!
You're not sitting up quite yet, but you love rolling all over the floor, grabbing reaching for toys and trying very hard to pull your brother's hair!
We love you from the fuzzy hair that sticks up on your little bitty head...

  to the fuzzy lint that gets stuck in between your tiny little toes!
Even if you don't always want your picture taken, that's ok too!
 And talk about love, you LOVE your brother!  You talk to him, smile at him and are constantly looking for him around the room.
 He's a pretty cool brother to have!
 and in 10 years I'm going to show you these pictures and remind you of this sweetness!
 We love you!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Carousel Ride!

Hey Mom, Look up here...
 I've got a great idea!  Once Dad gets off work, let's go somewhere fun!
 Let's go to the Mall of Georgia and get some ice cream, 
 spend some time together and maybe run into a friend that we usually only see once a year! 
 THEN we can go for a carousel ride!
 We promise to wait patiently for our turn, 
 then smile and check out all the sites while we go round-and-round!
 Maybe you can take our picture while we ride, 
 Sound like a plan?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Birthday Weekend!

Birthday weekend was a blast! The festivities lasted ALL weekend!

My first celebration was breakfast with my mom and sister at Panera Bread. Always delicious. Friday I woke to 29 hearts filled with 29 things Aaron loves about me. Absolutely MADE my birthday!

Aaron and I headed to Dahlonega with Marlee Grace and had lunch at Robyn's Nest. It was SOOO good. I enjoyed the Stringer Special and cheddar rounds. We made a stop by the reservoir and found where we had carved our initials 8 years ago. Now I feel old!

Shauna came for a visit on Friday and we celebrated with breakfast again on Saturday with my dad and Kim! we made our first sushi at home and it turned out to be delicious. My first try was like a sushi burrito but by the 5th roll we figured it out!

It was a blessed birthday for sure! Here are some pics to share from the weekend!