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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

picture perfect

Just wanted to share with you an attempt to snap a sibling portrait today. Of course normally I would take 50 pictures and only post the best ones, so you would believe my children are so calm, quiet and still for photos. But not this time. I wish I could add photos of ice water all over the table, booth and floor, a rice-covered high chair and shredded coloring paper but I didn't get any pics of that!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Easter Weekend!

Easter weekend was wonderful this year!  We made a visit to my moms for a couple of days, the only thing missing was Aaron.  Easter is a big weekend at 12Stone so he had to stay behind and work.  

Walker got to spend a lot of time outside and plenty of time with his aunt "goo-goo".  We still have no idea how he got Goo-Goo from Rachel, but it stuck and she doesn't want it to change!

 I don't get many pics with my kids, usually because I'm the one taking the pics, and I tend to criticize every photo of myself.  But I do love seeing pics of us together, since at this point I'm not having to beg them!

 Thumbs-up for the swing.  He thinks he's SO big swinging all by himself.
 My mom's fiance got to come by for a visit.  I thought this pic was so sweet.  These 2 love-birds are something else!  They are absolutely precious together!

 Caleb caught a prize winning bass.  I think he wins the prize for the smallest fish ever caught in the lake!
 Easter morning we headed to the church where I grew up.  I got to stay for the worship service, then Marlee got a little loud and we headed out to the lobby to "listen-in" on the rest.
 We spent the day at my aunt's house, Walker hunted some Easter eggs and Walker passed out a few tender kisses, or "fender kisses" as he likes to call them.

 apparently this was the prize egg!
 giving another "fender kiss"

 Walker did a little redneck swimming in his undies.  I didn't think to bring his trunks, so we just used what we had!  I'm hoping that he will be actually swimming this summer!

 Our friends from Birmingham got to stop by for a visit.  John FINALLY held one of my children.  That's a pretty big deal:)

It was really a great Easter!  I'm thankful that we have the freedom to celebrate the risen Savior on Easter and every day!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What are we gonna do if it rains?

Our day started out beautiful and sunny, so we headed outside to burn off some energy!  We tend to get a little stir crazy if we have to stay inside all day.  Walker did some dirt moving, rock hauling and grass pulling to start things off while Marlee took in some vitamin D!

 Then after lunch it started to rain...A LOT!  My Papa always used to ask me, "Babble, what are we gonna do if it rains?"  Then he would answer his own question with, "just let it rain."  Because what else can you really do:)

 Since Marlee said she would take care of the laundry, I decided to take pictures of the rain.  I mean, she seems to have a pretty good handle on it.  Since I can't seem to keep the laundry under control I decided to welcome the help!
 It's obvious that if you're this cute then you MUST be a good laundry helper!
 Once Walker woke from his nap I convinced him that it would be fun to go outside and play in the rain.  Honestly, it's the first time he's played in the rain, I know, I've deprived my child, but not anymore!

 Precious are these little feet to me!
So we let it rain and had a lot of fun!  Papa would be proud.  

These pics are from the next day but they were too fun not to share!  This little guy was spotted on this crazy garden contraption - blending right in!

 Then I spotted these 2 cuties and snagged a pic of them as well!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Celebrating Sizdeh Bedar - the end of the Iranian New Year

If you don't understand the title, you can see more info on the Iranian New Year traditions here

On Saturday we got to spend the WHOLE day outdoors celebrating the last day of the Iranian New Year (NowRooz) with friends and family.  There's a lot of pics in this post, but it was just too hard to narrow down anymore!!

These sprouts have been growing for about 2 weeks, started from beans, we have watched them grow in anticipation for their release!!!

 Beautiful sisters!

 Darian, the sprouts and his lovely headset

And there they go!  If you're not married, you tie a knot in the sprouts and make a wish!

 Marlee and Baba deep in thought by the water

 Justin and Shauna got to join us for the day!  

 Me and my love!

 Walker traveling through the field in style.  I think they were seeking some shade!

Auntie Shauna being admired by Marlee 

Swing Time! 

 one of my favorite pics from the day!

 We played cards...

 ate LOTS of delicious food...

 here's my plate!  I cleaned it for sure!

 lots of resting for little Marlee

and lots of attention too

 Shayda worked on wrapping her earbuds - they turned out so pretty!

walker and daddy "re-waxing"

 the men did manly things.  threw knives, grilled burgers and solved most of the world's problems

 getting me some mama love!

here's the crew!

the weather, the food and the company was perfect!  

We gave the kids wipey baths, headed home around 7:30 and that's when things got interesting!  I smashed/sliced my finger in the seat lever of the car, and was pretty sure I was going to die, and shortly after Marlee projectile vomited all over Shauna and the back seat.  We turned around, got cleaned up at the gas station and headed home - again!  I drank a chocolate Chick-fil-A milkshake and there was peace on earth once again.  There are photos to document these events, but I'll spare you and let you enjoy the "everything-went-perfect-that-day" photos!