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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Marlee's nursery is ready!


Marlee has a nursery all ready for her arrival!  It's been so much fun putting together all the little details to make a sweet room our baby girl.  I originally found this nursery online and used it as my inspiration to put together Marlee's room.   We did it all on a small budget using thrift stores and craigslist as our main "shopping centers."  So here's the breakdown! 
My mom and I sewed the bumper and crib skirt with fabric from JoAnn in Kennesaw.  It's a heavier fabric - not quite outdoor weight but not thin cotton.  I loved the colors and the brightness with the crib. The crib came from craigslist.  It's originally from Wal-mart and was a lot better deal than the brand new designer cribs that go for $600+
 Her window panel fabric came from Fabric and Fringe.  They were around $10 per yard and my mom made them.  We also re-covered the glider - it was a craigslist find that was originally denim blue.  My Aunt Leesa did a lot of the cutting to re-make the pattern, and my mom did most of the other sewing.  I think I sewed a zipper on and that's about it!  The little rocker was a gift from friends.  It has Marlee Grace embroidered on the back!
 This frame was originally intended for photos but after the baby shower I had these prayer/affirmation cards that fit just perfectly in it!  These empty frames are a great and inexpensive way to cover empty wall space!
These frame ledges are from Ikea.  They don't sell them online so we made a date out of it!  The "M" was 0.99 at Hobby Lobby and spray painted silver.  I made the sock rabbit with a little help from this blog and tutorial.  This rabbit has really long legs - but hey...I tried!  The Marlee painting came from a sweet friend in Birmingham and the green picture is just a canvas I covered in fabric with buttons.  The walls are Stonington Grey from Benjamin Moore.  

 This wall is my favorite!  So fun and bright!  These are all thrift store frames, spray painted white and filled with small pieces of fabrics from JoAnn.  The dresser came from a thrift store.  It was originally oak-colored and we sanded and painted it along with the knobs.  The basket came from Marshall's and I made a liner with pockets out of extra fabric to turn it onto a "diaper caddy."  It's filled with diapers, wipes, hair bows, oragel, and other baby essentials! 

This little lamp was $5.00 at Goodwill, with a little spray paint and a new shade it added some extra color to the white dresser.  The birdie ceramic came from Decorating Mart in Kennesaw - We had a groupon and used it for the bumper liner, extra batting and a cute little birdie!

Now all we lack is our little girl!  I am 38 weeks today and oh-so-ready for her to be here!  Hoping she will come on or before her due date - but who wouldn't want that!  


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Walker's 2nd Birthday Bash

LAST month, Walker turned 2! We celebrated very low-key with lots of family. I'm just not ready for the crazy kid parties yet and Walker didn't seem to mind either!
Here's his first bicycle. Her hasn't quite figured it our but loves all the noises and tricks it can do.
His very special Ukelele (or small guitar). He LOVES to sing and play, it's quite entertaining!
Let the singing begin!
Here's Aunt Leesa and Crazy Uncle Bill. That's Walker's hat of course!
Here's his new police car and newest family members. My Dad, Step-mom, and siblings, Jaclyn and Christopher. I'm pretty sure this car is faster than mine!
More family!
My grandmother - which Walker calls "Ma"
Aaron's Dad and Step-mom
Us with the birthday boy!
This very easy caterpillar cake! It was a hit and so much fun to put together.

Goo-Goo and Andoo
Grumpy and Walker
posing with a pouty face.

We are so thankful to have such great family and friends to share these special times with. Some aren't pictured - my fault for not photographing everyone - but you know you're loved!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Knee Deep in the Water Somewhere

Got the blue sky breeze blowing wind through my hair
Only worry in the world is the tide gonna reach my chair. That was my theme song for vacation (when Walker wasn't screaming about the sand).

Last week we spent some time in Seagrove, FL with Lolli, (my mom), Goo-Goo (sister) and Andoo (her boyfriend Andrew.) What a WONDERFUL time we had just getting away for a little bit!

Walker hated the sand - that could be an understatement, but there were times where he would forget how much he dreaded it, and he would actually run and play for a little while.
Here's Walker and Aaron - Walker pretty much stays glued to him!
They are the kings of silly faces!
And of sweet kisses!
Walker and Andoo traded glasses for a bit.
One of my favorites of Mr. Cool
Lolli and Walker
Goo-Goo and Andoo
Walker LOVES "Andy Burds"
Too sweet
a moment of "he forgot he hates the sand"
the squinty family
I just love his blue eyes here!
Another kiss...I probably had to bribe him for this one!
Lolli and Walker before dinner.
Walker and Goo-Goo
our "growing family"
This might be my favorite picture from the trip!

The weather was perfect, no rain, not too much heat, not too cold, and hardly any people! I don't think I will ever go back to the beach in the heat of the summer, September made for a great trip all around!