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Sunday, February 14, 2010

What's been goin' on...

Wow - I thought I would do better at this blogging things but I just never seem to have the time. And then when I get free time - I don't want to blog:) So to start it out - here's Walker at his first car show. Let me tell you. The cars were awesome - but the people that attended the show were even more of a site!
It's been a fun month here at the Zakeri Household. We put our house up for sale - just to see. There was one house in the WHOLE neighborhood like ours for sale. So we thought we were at a great advantage. Now...3 weeks later - there are 5 houses just like ours for sale! One's a foreclosure so that's kinda a bummer! We really want our home to sell - but it looks like it'll be a miracle. If it did sell we would probably go back to renting for a while to save some dollars and live a little closer to work - so we're praying...we'll see!
Walker is more and more fun all the time! He's really a happy little boy! Naps well, nurses well, is back to sleeping through the night and loves all the solid foods we have let him try. I've been making his food to save money which is really easy. He's been eating bananas, cereal, sweet potatoes, squash, avocado, green beans, pears, apples and tonight we're trying carrots! He really enjoys being out and about - he will let anyone hold him, play with him or watch him. I know it might not last forever but it's great that he's like that now! He's sitting up and really interacting a whole lot more! We are cherishing these days one by one because they are such fun times!

Aaron graduates from seminary in May! This is a tough semester - but I know he can do it! Greek is killer but he says he can pull through! So come May 15th - I will know Aaron not as a student. I'm not sure what life's gonna be like!

We started participating in Grow Alabama last month - it's all fresh local produce from area farmers. WOW - we feel like we are getting to experience all new foods because the veggies are so fresh and delicious! I'm not sure if your area has a local co-op but if so you should def. give it a try!
I'm SO looking forward to Spring - longer days, more outside time and a little but warmer weather! Aren't you???

So till next time...