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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Closet clean-out!!

Pictures are Before, During, During and After...
Stephanie is a great organizer! She's starting her own business
called Orderly Manners. She said it still needs a little work but
it's a good start. We got rid of all hangers that weren't plastic,
sorted tank tops, short sleeve and long sleeve then ordered them from
light to dark. We did the same with pants. It works and is
maintainable. I'm so thankful for her time and talents...so here's to
4 bins, 2 boxes and 3 trash bags later!!

Abandoned Blog

The blog has been abandoned for obvious reasons...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

5 months old!

Happy 5 months to my little boy!

I love your sweet laugh your raspy little voice and your giant grin! What a little joy you are to us! You've been eating cereal more regularly, you love standing with some assistance and you still love a bath! You're a lot easier to take places now that you're a little older.
Now if you would just start sleeping through the night again:) I still do miss you terribly each day while i'm at work but I know you're in good hands!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Frozen Diapers

We plan to go to Asheville with my mom and family
She said the place we are staying has a washer and dryer
Ok. So I pack all our cloth diapers.
Walker has a major giant huge stinky poop on the way up here
I wrap up the diaper along with 3 other wet ones.
We get to the place and there is no washer or dryer.
So I hand wash the diapers...and lay them on the back porch to dry
Not only are they not dry...they are now completly FROZEN! They were
frozen solid, standing up on their own...oh well. Glad we brought some
paper diapers for back-up!!