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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Baby Judah - My First Newborn Photo Shoot

This weekend I had the opportunity to photograph this precious 11 day new baby boy, Judah.  Photography is a hobby that I truly enjoy and I absolutely adored getting to capture this baby!
He was a perfect angel the entire session.  He never even made a peep.  He did open his eyes once, then fell right back asleep.  I did have a lovely assistant switching out warm towels in the dryer, which I'm sure helped the little man!

 Here he is puckering up for a kiss.  Aren't those little lips just delicious?

buddy bear
still warm and snuggly
in his hand-made blanket, all the way from Utah!

we might have been making a little too much noise
covering up his tiny little ear
can't a baby sleep in peace, people?

 look at those perfect little fingers!

still asleep
not a care in the world
 I LOVE the red door contrast, makes this little bundle stand out all the more.  

Thank you, Ginny for sharing your sweet baby boy with me!  What a lucky Mama you are!

I don't have a business name, or a watermark for my photos yet, so let's just hope no one else takes credit for these pictures on their website or blog!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Monday Worth Mentioning!

Mondays can be rough around here.  Usually the kids are a bit grouchy and tired from the weekend, and I am not always ready to begin the week either!  This past Monday was SO different though.  The weather was picture perfect, everyone was in a swell mood so we decide to take advantage of it!

Walker and I are working on the letter "B" this week, so we made our own bubble mixture and blew come BIG BUBBLES.  It was so much fun.  I really loved seeing all of his excitement over what he made!

 A bubble so big, he could see his entire reflection!

after lunch, we headed outside with our blanket and literally just played for about 2 hours.  I've never done this with my kids, usually have the day too planned-up or I just don't set-aside the time to relax with them outside.  It was A-mazing!  

Hollywood loves her glasses - about 10 seconds at a time! 

 we cuddled, wrestled, played, giggled, counted airplanes, threw a ball, crunched up leaved, smiled and really just soaked in the afternoon.  I don't know why I haven't done this more often because I received such a huge blessing from my kiddos on this Monday.
Walker was convinced that he was going to take a nap outside.  I convinced him that he could nap in his own bed, so he agreed to just "re-wax" on the blanket.
 these two really do love each other

 and I really love them too.
Here's to more Mondays where I soak in my blessings, and less Mondays where I take them for granted! 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Rock Ranch - Photo Extravaganza!

You were warned in the title, there are a lot of photos in this post.  We made our 2nd annual visit to The Rock Ranch with the Ruplins!  What an awesome day it was!  We packed our lunch and dinner, double strollers, blankets, pajamas and pillows and took off for the day!  We rented a campfire so we had a place to relax and re-group throughout the day, then come back and cook hotdogs and roast marshmallows for dinner.  The weather was wonderful, all the kids were a pleasure to be around (for the most part), and everyone really had a great time.  We had so much fun, that we all had "out-in-the-sun-all-day-chasing-children-hangovers" on Sunday!

 Walker wasn't too find of the rides at first.  This photo was snapped just seconds before the lawnmower pulling the "cow train" spun out in the dirt and filled the air with dirt.  Walker proceeded to start screaming and trying to bail out of the train car.  Needless to say, he did not ride the cow train!

 self-portrait for Daddy and Marlee

 Take Marlee's word for it,  Angie's kettle corn is the BOMB!  We get ours at Costco (the bag is always a different color).  It's one of those snacks that you should not eat alone, because if you're like me, you'll eat the entire bag by yourself!
 rest time!  I so wish I could have crawled in there with her!
 Marlee's first horse-back ride.  She rode twice and seemed to really enjoy it!

 I can't take credit for these baby blues, but i sure am in love with them!

 Once the wind died-down and the sun started to set, they brought out the hot air balloons.  The kids were THRILLED!  I was too:)

 The kiss of enthusiasm and excitement!
 sweet brothers!
more joy and excitement!

 that's our campfire in the background.  Beautiful place, huh?

 The Bowen family was at The Rock Ranch too.  Walker just ADORES Canaan.  When they arrived, Walker was jumping all around saying, "come wook mama, I found Canaan, come wook and see"
Once the sun set, they did a hot air balloon glow.  It was absolutely amazing.  The photos really don't do it justice but here's a glimpse if you've never seen it.    

Hopefully we will get the opportunity to go back next year!  It's well worth the drive!