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Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's That Time!

All the turkey has been eaten...so now the Christmas Season may begin!
Thanks for the idea Peeton!

The Zakeri Family - Elf Style:)


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Here Kitty Kitty...

This is Cheech the cat - he lives next door with Wayne and Emily. I'm not completely convinced that he liked this rooster hat - but it did make for a good laugh.
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

over the past week...

Hi - it's been a busy week - but a lot of fun stuff has been going on. We had a SUPER time at the Melting Pot on our anniversary. I ate as much as I possibly could - but it was just so delicious. I am set now on getting an electric fondue set (any suggestions) to do fondue with friends at the house!
No Shave November has ENDED! Aaron came home from working Saturday and had a nice and lovely clean shaven face! I have never appreciated his little face so much in my life. He said he shaved it because I didn't like it...however - I personally think it was getting on his nerves too!

Saturday and Sunday we spent a lot of time in the yard. We planted some new flowers - transplanted some old plants and planted a new tree in the back yard. It's a Green Ash Tree - which is supposed to be a fast growing shade tree. So now we have a total of 2 trees in our yard! WOW!!

After all that yard work - we needed some more pine bark and top soil - so on Sunday after church we made a trip to Wallie World. Aaron exact comment was "I think after this we are going to be 'Bark Broke'". Needless to say - we had just enough to cover the flower beds and the base of the tree - it did make for a good laugh though!
Our front yard tree is shedding some massive leaves - this one was on the sidewalk - and I'm not sure that I've seen a leaf this bid in all my life. It's bigger than my face - and that says a lot! I also remembered that I had taken this picture last week - I didn't understand it at first - but then Smabitha explained... It's a bakery for pet treats - they aren't baking pets - or selling birthday cake for people at the vet. It did seem kinda odd at first though!
And Lastly - in response to Ashley's post -
1. When I was 3 years old my mom accidentally stepped on the end of my right pinky while I was crawling up some stairs - and literally chopped off the end of my finger. After surgery - and a lot of prayer - part of my finger AND my fingernail grew back. The only difference is that it's a little shorter than my left pinky - but not a deal breaker!
2. When I was 5 my Papa bought me a Honda 50 special edition motorcycle. He tied a yellow rope to the back of it and would chase me around the yard - knowing that if I went to fast or was headed for danger - he cound just hold me back with the rope. To this day (20 years later) that litte motorcycle still runs - and will tote about a 200lb person on it!
3. In college I got in the car with Rachael Travis - saw this guy named Aaron Zakeri getting into another car in the parking lot and I said to Rach, "see that guy right there - I'm going to marry him one day" After she was like you are crazy and who is that...2 years later we were married!!
4. I am a heat nazi! Just today I turned the heat on in our house - the thermostat said 58 degrees - I held out for as long as I could! Aaron now claims that he's the champion of "Heater Holdout 2008"
5. In highschool - after the Valentine's banquet, I was walking with a group of friends (and my date) out to the car. I stepped of the curb in my new shoes - onto the pavement - fell flat on my butt and laughed so hard I peed my pants - by far one of the most embarassing monents in my life...but it's a funny story to tell now.
6. I had my hair highlighted ONE time - and it was a total disaster! it looked like 4 skunks were living in the front of my hairline. So after forming a great relationship with some clairol color for the next 5 months - I decided to not mess with my hair again!
7. I had several nicknames in High School - Ghetto, Bubbles and Meesh. THANK THE LORD that Meesh was the only one that stuck! You can only imagine how I got the other names!
Whew - this was exhausting!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What a Man - What a Man!

Happy Anniversary! Today is our 3-year anniversary! Yay! It's hard to believe that 3 years ago - today - my sweet grandfather walked me down the aisle and gave me away to the man of my dreams! Though I wish we still had Papa here to share in all the memories we've yet to make - I am so very thankful to have Aaron in my life as my husband and best friend! What a Man!

Last night - after working all day then going to school all night and arriving home at 10:30pm...Aaron decided it was time to change the oil in my car. I thought it would be a great time to take some blog photos...since we recently added a doggie door in our garage - and are in the middle of some organizing...we can now actually pull the car in the garage. And, thanks to stretch-Aaronstrong he's able to change the oil without a lift or ramps...so here's the picture story...and oh - keep in mind that it's No Shave November for Aaron and Rick & Bubba...unfortunately!
Here he is inder the car...draining the oil - and yes - I did laugh when the drain plug fell into the 4.5 quarts of oil and he had to fish it out with his hands! EEEWWW!! Here he is making sure he's got just the right amount of magic potion (wal-mart oil)
The final pour! 4.5 quarts later - she's all clean and ready to go! I think after watching this process...I might could change my own oil - but I'm not telling him that:)
Tonight we are eating at The Melting Pot for dinner - my frend Marti said I should starve myself all day - so I can eat like crazy at dinner...I can't remember a day in my life when I have ever missed a meal - and today will be no different - I just love to eat! What can I say?


Sunday, November 9, 2008

When Dad's Away...

..I have extra fun with the puppies!
Pets Mart had their Haloween costumes on sale for 75% off - and I couldn't resist!
Here's Nala dresses up as a cow! I think it's a great look for her!Here's Nala as an Angel and Reagan as a Devil. They really don't mind having the costumes on...they did seem a little confused as to why they didn't get them till AFTER Halloween! The cow is still my favorite!
And lastly - it was too lonely to sleep in that big bed by myself - so I invited the children to sleep with me. It was like a Meesh sandwich. I had one towel for each of them - but somehow by the morning - they had completly taken over the bed - the covers - and all my personal space. They sure were warm though!
Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I wouldn't call this a "landslide"

(R) John McCain
55,450,968 46%

(D) Barack Obama
62,527,406 52%

It's only a 6% difference on the popular vote. I'm still proud to be a Republican - and am amazed at these numbers despite all the obstacles (media, money and lies) that were faced! I am just glad I can say...Don't blame me - I voted McCain/Palin!


Monday, November 3, 2008

I need help with this one!

i can't figure it out... :)

3rd Anniversary - In Nashville!!

Hi there! Our Anniversary trip was to Nashville, TN - and it was such a great surprise. A great time to get away - and be together in a new place!
On Friday afternoon - only Aaron and the Garmin knew where we were headed....So when we passed the Grand Ole Opry sign in TN - Aaron handed me all the venue tickets for the weekend - and told me what we were doing at each place! I was thrilled - and so surprised...but not as surprised as when we got to the hotel...and realized how everything was made for guests 5'9" and under. Aaron was up for a challenge fitting under this high-tech shower!So our first morning - we got ready and headed to Opryland for a lovely breakfast Buffet! It was all you can eat - and we did just that. it was such a fun breakfast - in a really neat environment. We had to fill-up - because we had a lot of places to see that day!Here's a shot from inside Opryland - we took a lot of self-portraits...Aaron's 4 foot long arm is very helpful in these situations!
Our first stop was the Ryman Hall and Museum. It was great to learn about the history of the Ryman - and how it cam to be. We had a lot of fun here too - standing on the stage where 100's of famous country stars have played over the years!
From the Ryman - we walked around Downtown Nashville - which was a great experience - there's so much to see and hear - always music playing in every restaurant and on every street corner. We met Elvis - and he was kind enough to let me get my picture with him!We also got to see the Countly Music Hall of Fame - that was really awesome - there's a ton of stuff in there from Johnny Cash, Elvis, Hank Williams, Dolly Parton - and other Famous country characters. Here's just one of the walls of records...Here's me and Tim McGraw - he wanted my autograph - but I couldn't find a pen:)
We spent the remainder of the day at Opry Mills (Outlet mall at Opryland) that was a lot of fun - even for Aaron! We ate a late lunch and got ready for one of the best parts of the trip - the Grand Ole Opry! We got a chance to see Brad Paisley, Trace Adkins, Whispering Bill Anderson, Jimmy Jenkins - and a few other people - all in the same show. It was so much fun and we had great seats!
I could not have asked for a more perfect trip! It was a great celebration of 3 incredible years of marriage! God has been so faithful to us and we are so fortunate to share this life together!