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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fair's Fair

Here are some fun pics from our Friday night at the Alabama State Fair! We had so much fun! It was a lot smaller than the North Georgia State Fair that I am used to - but we had a lot of great laughs and a wonderful time! It's nice to spend time with your work buddies outside of the office!

Peyton displaying her excitement over winning 2 quarters from the money machine...I wonder what happens when she finds an extra dollar in her pocket?:)Tilt-a-whirl...how bout' those tonsils?And here's a pic of the ladies...
And one of the main highlights of the evening...when Sarah won 2 goldfish...Iam pretty they were placing bets on how long these little guys would live...hopefully they made it over the weekend!

I have a great video of us on the Tilt-A-Whirl...but I haven't figured out how to post it yet. It seems to be taking forever! I'll hopefully get it soon - because it's hilarious!!



Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tran Qui Qui

Hi - Though this isn't a recent photo...it's a few months old...I defenitly thought it was blog-worthy! Peyton and I were circling around the block looking for a place to park for a lunch meeting - and on our 2nd time around - we spotted something very interesting on the street corner. Fortunately we were at a red light - so I had just enough time to whip out my camera and snap a picture...and more fortunate than that...we didn't get shot! Truth be known...I could be wrong, this could be a real woman, but I am just not convinced!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Doggie Dentist and Sword Fights

Hi! This might be gross to some - but I thought it was quite funny. Below is a picture of Aaron brushing Nala's teeth (our great dane). She's a little hesitant at first to let him stick the foot long toothbrush in her month - but once she tastes the toothpaste - it's all good from there. Maybe it's bacon-flavored...not sure. Hi!That's about the most exciting thing that's happened this week. Besides this...
We spent Saturday afternoon with Wayne and Emily (world's greatest neighbors). Started off by going to Dreamland BBQ for lunch (one of the many reasons to move to Alabama) then drove around, went to Wayne's cool office and the soon to be restaurant - Rogue Tavern - then ended the evening at Target. The boys of course ended-up spending most of their time in the electronics section...and in the Haloween Costumes. Below tells the story of the sword fight that took place on the costume aisle...it was friendly fire til' Aaron broke out the trident and attacked Wayne...
Emily and I just stood by - and watched for sekrurity! hahaha

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Christmas in September?

Ok - so as I was driving to work this morning...listening to Rick and Bubba solve all the world's problems through their radio show...glancing at the cars around me...I spotted a photo opp!I am guessing this could mean one of a few things:
1. She's got a lot of charisma
2. She's excited year-round about seeing Santa Clause in December!
3. It's her name?

I choose #2. You know like Merry Krizma! HA! The good news is that I did survive another driving photo shoot - and no one was harmed.

Monday, September 8, 2008

A little nervous...

So this is like the first day of school for me...even though I am considered by some as an "adult." Typing this post and deciding what to say is like picking out shoes and an outfit - wondering what everyone will think. Will I be a cool blogger? Silly? Dumb? So pointless that no one cares...then I remind myself - this is my blog - it's ok it people don't think it's "cool" because they don't have to read it. Just like all the blogs that I currently stalk - no one makes me read them - they are just so great I can't stop reading!
In an effort to get this thing off the ground - I will share a picture. I love taking pictures while driving down the road. It seems as though in Birmingham - there are plenty of "attractions" to take photos of! Sometimes I am behind the wheel - and sometimes I am in the pasenger seat begging the driver - "pull a little closer" - "roll down the window"..."I just HAVE to get a picture of that..."
Just in case you were wondering...this dude is "RydinBig." His windows were too dark for me to get a mug shot...but I will take his word for it!