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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fair's Fair

Here are some fun pics from our Friday night at the Alabama State Fair! We had so much fun! It was a lot smaller than the North Georgia State Fair that I am used to - but we had a lot of great laughs and a wonderful time! It's nice to spend time with your work buddies outside of the office!

Peyton displaying her excitement over winning 2 quarters from the money machine...I wonder what happens when she finds an extra dollar in her pocket?:)Tilt-a-whirl...how bout' those tonsils?And here's a pic of the ladies...
And one of the main highlights of the evening...when Sarah won 2 goldfish...Iam pretty they were placing bets on how long these little guys would live...hopefully they made it over the weekend!

I have a great video of us on the Tilt-A-Whirl...but I haven't figured out how to post it yet. It seems to be taking forever! I'll hopefully get it soon - because it's hilarious!!




  1. A whole dollar...I couldn't imagine what I would do!!

  2. so fun! i love the fair. i just showed josh y'alls blog and he said, "i think if we lived near them again, we would hang out a lot and have a lot of fun." i think he is right. :o) miss y'all!