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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sibling Visitation

Hello Blogville
So...my lovely sister is out of school this week so I bribed her with gas money to come down for a visit! Just kidding!! I bribed her with Walker AND gas money!
It's been so much fun having her here. We've eaten, run errands, eaten some more, napped a little, and then ate again:)
She's a guitar maestro, a friend to all and also a total texting queen but hey who isn't these days! She absolutely LOVES Walker and he loves her too. He calls her Goo-Goo. That's close enough to Rachel, right?
I'm so proud of Rach. We've come a long way. I never imagined we'd be this close but I have always hoped for it! We are 10 years apart in age but it seems the older we get the less that gap matters:). She's heading to college this Fall - gasp!!!
Love you Rach! Thanks for coming to share life with us!!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Etsy shop is up!!

I got my etsy shop up this week! If you get a chance, check it out here
I listed some burp cloths and camera strap covers. I'll be adding some nursing covers and bibs later which make great gifts for new moms!

Happy Shopping:)

A week in review

I'm not too sure where this week went. Walker and I spent a lot of time outside enjoying the weather, i spent some time under the weather and at the doctors office.
After being in terrible pain with my nose, gums and face for 3 days and nights I went to the doctor. The first doctor said he had no idea what was wrong. The next day I went to the dermatologist and they said I had an abscess on my nose. Holy Cow. An abscess. They have no idea how I got it, but gave me some medicine that worked like magic! Don't go googling abscess because you will throw-up! It wasn't that bad:). I did sleep sitting up on the couch a few nights because it helped with the pain!!
Friday night we had a lock-in for the middle schoolers. I only stayed until about 1:30am then called it quits. Aaron stayed up ALL night and returned home to sleep most of Saturday!
Finally last night I had my first full night sleep in about 6 nights.
Most of the pictured are totally unrelated but they are my faves from this week!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day at the Zakeris

Valentines day at the Zakeris was SO romantic!! Let me tell you about it:)
Walker and I spent the day playing inside and outside, sewing, reading and taking a short trip to the doctor for Walkers well visit. All is well with him. He's 45% in weight and 90% in height...like his daddy...tall and thin:)
Aaron came home with some beautiful flowers and we all headed to Chick-fil-A. Because nothing says romance like BOGO combo meals with 1,000 people from Henry county!!
We came home, I had bible study with my girls, made the biggest cookies ever and caught an hour of the disgusting Bachelor:(
More than anything today makes me more thankful for my loves! No lavish gifts or white tablecloths needed to make this girl know she's loved!!
Hope your Valentines day was great! Any big surprises?? Any romantic dates??
Much love!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Fabric Flowers

After scouring the world wide web I read a few tutorials on these lovely fabric flowers and started making them to add to the camera strap covers. They have been very popular so far. Some have added them to a plain strap and others added them to a ruffled strap. I love the shabby look of the fabric flower I think it adds a lot of character:). And we all know those cameras could use some character!!
If you're interested in one you can always email me or post a comment and I'll be sure to get back with you!
I'm thinking about setting up an Etsy shop as well once I have time to build some "inventory":)


Monday, February 7, 2011

Thanks y'all!

I just wanted to say thanks for all the support and encouragement in these sewing endeavors!
Sewing is something that I truly enjoy. I can start sewing (after Walker is asleep) and a couple hours can pass before I even know it! Not only do I enjoy sewing but it also is a way I can contribute financially to our family. Things can be tight at times and I'm always looking for outlets of creativity to make some extra money! Sewing had been one of those great outlets!
I try my best to make each piece unique and with the best quality possible and am always looking for ways to improve!!
So far y'all have been so supportive by encouraging me, giving me ideas and buying some of the items as gifts for yourself or others:)
So keep it coming and thank y'all so very much!!
(camera strap covers pictured)

Super Bowl Partay

> Last night we had a Super Bowl party at the church for the students. Until Sunday night I didn't even know who was playing:)
> We had chili, homemade dips, desserts and lots of fun! The most serious group of fans was a group of girls, they made sure to get a seat front and center!
> Some played Apples to Apples, carpet ball, foosball, and Walker has plenty of entertainment!!
> The half-time show was a bust if you ask me. Along with the National Anthem....
> Walker and I were rescued before the game was over. One of the parents offered to take us home at 9:30 because Walker was clearly expiring!!
> Did you do anything fun for the Super Bowl? What was your favorite commercial?

Friday, February 4, 2011

My little buddy

My little buddy Walker has been changing so much lately! Just in the past week he's really starting to say a lot more, repeat what I say and make-up his own words. I have to say I was a little worried because all his "girlfriends" are talking circles around him. But I think he's finding his little chatter box!

Walker has a little temper. Might or might not have inherited that from me...but despite a couple fits here and there he's very loving and social. He waves out the car window, through the grocery store and when he sees new people. He gives bear hugs, kisses, blows kisses and likes to cuddle.

He'll be 18 months old this month and I can hardly believe it! We are in the middle of transitioning to 1 nap, but most days he still takes 2 naps and sleeps 12 hours at night

Walker is ALL boy! Anything that has to do with a ball, dinosaur, outdoors, the "beep beep", 4-wheeler, he just loves. He's also quite the karaoke star as well. He makes up his own words, sounds and dances which is hilarious:)

He's challenging and some days I think I'm going to pull my hair out, but he's got a lot of spirit and I love that little boy to death!