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Monday, June 29, 2009

Long time no see...

Donna beat me to the post - but that's ok...it's worth another post!
This saturday after our parenting class...
And stopping for a heart healthy snack...
Aaron and I drove to Hunsville to visit the Bennett's that were in town from GA and the Barclay's that live in H.Ville. Funny how we all connect - Donna, Sierra and Aaron all went to high school together and we all graduated from North Ga, got hitched - and are being fruitful and multiplying. Here we are out by the lake...I think my side of the dock is sinking a bit:)Here's Marah Bennett - she's a sweetie - I wanted to bite her little legs...but I opted for a sandwich instead!
Here's Quenton Barclay - he's such a content baby and very handsome!
And here's Addison Barclay - she's a hoot. Loads of personality and fun. I love her sweet little voice and joyful spirit!
It was so great to see everyone - what a blessing that we could all meet-up in one place! I took lots of mental notes - hopefuly I'll remember them when Walker arrives!
It's been a bit cooler here this week - anyone else enjoying the same where you live? Tonight it was cool and breezy - just about perfect! I'm so thankful!

Guest Blogger!

Just so you know - while LB is out on a camping vacation - she asked me to write a little post for her blog. You can check it out here...
I have so much to blog about...hopefully I will get around to it tonight!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Our Doggies

We love them...
I love taking pictures of them - because they have so much personality.
I especially love taking pictures of them with the new camera lens...
Here's a link to their very own photo shoot...


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Welcome to the Blogosphere!

SHE did it!!! Brooke made the move to the blogosphere - it only took a little convincing - but we won't be disapponted!So yay for a new blog to follow and laugh from! Now we aren't only best friends - but we can be best blogging friends too! Just a reminder - Rach has a blog too!
Love you girls! And miss you so much!

It's gettin' hot in here...

Here's a preview of the post that't to come...
It's called an Alabama A/C unit...

Have a "cool" day!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

D-O for your B-O

Hey - we all have the potential to get a little stinky - but when I find a good thing - I think it's important to share with good friends. This gets a little personal - but it's good stuff.

There's a lot of info out there related to breast cancer and deodorant. Take it or leave it - but a lot of it makes sense. Our little pits are a very porous area - and we (hopefully) deodorize them daily. So after years of using chemical - strong as ever - smelly fresh deoderant - I decided to make the switch.

First I tried this...
It's an all natural deodorant with a very light scent. I liked it - but found that after a hard day's work - good ole' Jason wasn't workin so hard anymore. Then much to my dismay - I couldn't find it at Target or Wal-mart anymore. (Maybe you can)
So - I then discovered this...

Made by Arm & Hammer - it's another natural deodorant that works even better than the one I tried before. Aaron is using it - and really likes it too. I found it at Publix - but I'm sure that other local stores carry it as well. I would highly recommend it - if you're interested in giving a natural deo a try.

This was totally random - but hey - every little bit counts!

Do you have any "natural" substitutions that you like better? Not just deo - but maybe others you could share with the rest of us?

Hope to hear some!


P.S. for Father's Day - I went with a recordable card with Walker's heartbeat AND a 1-hour massage for Aaron! It was a HIT!! Thanks Josh and Stephanie for the great ideas!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Can I get an "Amen"

Today we have a photo submitted by a dear friend, Lanie Beth.

Check-out the tractor trailer in front of the chevy... In LB's words, "So good to know someone has the Hallelujah Express under control!"

This is for those who opt for the short condensed church service!

Have some great pics from this weekend. Lindsey's Wedding and Father's Day...hopefully I'll update later!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

One Year Ago Today...

...I said goodbye to the greatest man I'd ever known, a father, grandfather and close confidant, My Papa. No words would ever suffice but these are just a few.
Though I had never imagined life without him - I was faced with that reality when he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in November of 2007. Even then - I believed that he could beat it - he was strong, courageous and more faithful than any of us could have ever been. He was willing to do whatever it took to defeat this disease - trusting in the doctors, always having a positive outlook - and never complaining through any of the treatments. He even bragged on Well-Star's Cyberknife treatment because it was the latest and greatest of technologies - and he was thankful for the opportunity to try it out.
Two things (among 100's of others) that I will always remember Papa saying to me was that he wanted to:
1. See me graduate college...

2. and walk me down the aisle...
And we did it! He was more than delighted to give me away in marriage to Aaron. Papa loved Aaron as if he was his very own son - and he told him frequently how much he loved him. He knew that Aaron would take care of me and gave us his complete blessing in marriage.
Papa and I practiced walking down the aisle - as he kept saying - "slow down Michele - we'll get there"We practiced dancing to The Blue Danube Waltz because Papa thought that would be the most beautiful song to dance to at the reception. He was a much better dancer than me - but he was patient and we had so much fun! Papa never asked me when we were going to have children. He never pressured us at all for great-grand babies. He wanted us to enjoy marriage and each other to the fullest - then grow our family when we were ready. I just always knew that Papa would hold our children - tell then jokes, teach them things that he taught us - and sing to them "sweetest little fella" like he always sang to me. I envisioned over and over seeing Papa hold our children - and I am so sad that they will never truly know or understand the man that Papa was.
I am thankful however that I got to watch Papa love on Aaron. He was always showing Aaron new things, working right alongside him and every-now-and-then, slipping him a pocket knife, or another treasure that he had been saving for Aaron.
Papa would be so proud to know that we are having a son. And we are so blessed that Walker will carry Papa's middle name, Monroe. And lucky for Walker - he has Aaron - who is so much like my Papa in every way. I never dreamed of finding a man that loved me like Papa or had such strong character - but God was more than faithful with blessing me with Aaron.

Though some may see it as the cancer won in the end - I would have to disagree. Papa was victorious in the end. He never lost faith, never blamed God and never questioned "why me." In the end his testimony far outlives that disease, his earthly death or any suffering that he went through. He was TRULY a good and faithful servant.

Just last weekend I was at my mom's and she was having her house painted by a long-time friend - that used to paint houses for Papa. The painter's name is Aaron and he was talking to my Aaron about Papa. He didn't talk about the things he had, the homes he built, or the money in his bank - you know what he said? Aaron said that it didn't matter if you were Black, White, Yellow or Red - that "Mr. Bob" loved you and always showed kindness to everyone he met. What a legacy and a testimony to a life lived selfLESSly - with true servant leadership.

There's not a day that goes by that I don't miss Papa, think about him, or even try to call him - he would ALWAYS pick-up the phone! But I am so thankful that somehow - I was fortunate enough to share in his life - from the day he brought me home from the hospital - to the day he was welcomed into his eternal home! I'm sure he's growing prize winning tomatoes, plowing someone elses heavelny field - and most of all glorifying his Father in Heaven!


Friday, June 19, 2009

You are more..Beautiful...

My sister posted this on You Tube.
It's me and Aaron on our way somewhere - in 2007 I think. At :44 seconds - I spot a cop!
Anyhow - we are fun people!
Do watch!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

the "Zakeri" Diaper Bag

Picked up our diaper bag/backpack today. I went with a "Z" so that we could use it for multiple babies - if it holds-up:)
I think it turned out just precious and Aaron won't have to carry around anything with ruffles (yet)!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Father's Day Help

OK - it's time to come out from hiding...I need your help!

Yes - I realize that Father's Day is Sunday - very close.

But I have no clue what to get Aaron...and I know someone out there has a great idea to share!

so...do share...what should I get for my man?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Only in Alabama

I'm starting a new "category" called Only in Alabama. No need to explain myself - hopefully the pictures will say enough! If you have any photos to submit - just e-mail me.
So for this first post - I will leave you with 2 photos...
Have you ever considered going into Chick-fil-A shirtless, shoeless and in your swimsuit...

Re-defining the 4-door sedan!

Much love!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Shower pics!

This Sunday a sweet friend Ginny hosted a shower for us! It was wonderful to spend time with friends - some that I rarely get to see. Ginny put so much time and effort into every detail - from the precious invitations to the homemade (every dot done by hand)
All the pics are here if you wanna take a look.Thanks Ginny - and thanks for all the sweet friends who drove many miles to be there (and even the one who sat in park on I-75 trying to get there! It was a joy to see you all!


Friday, June 12, 2009

Walker in 4-D!!

I wanted to wait until Monday to post these with the update - but I couldn't so I didn't!

The 4-D U/S was amazing! It was so precious to see all the detail and features that he has. Currently I am most in love with his lips - I just want to kiss them right when I see him! Big thanks to Aaron's mom for helping with the U/S and driving to Bham to experience it with us!

Baby facts: Today I am 31 weeks and 4 days. According to the U/S, Walker is measuring 34 weeks and 3 days, and weighing in at a whopping 4lbs. 15oz. To which Aaron replied - "how many ounces are in a pound?" - yeah - that's nearly 5lbs - with 8 weeks still to go! Which is ok - we are thrilled to have a healthy - cheeky baby boy!

The doc says that he may come early then again - he may just be a big baby. Thankfully that's all in His hands and not mine:)

Baby's resting heart rate - 131bpm
Baby's active heart rate - 150bpm
Walker estimated weight - 4.16lbs
Mommy has gained - 20lbs

The first pic is my favorite! Just a side-note - there's not a hole in his head - or his foot...no worries!

he's practicing his early morning stretching routine! - and possibly has a toe cramp!
What a miracle!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New and Exciting!

After talking with a dear friend Angela - who's also a super-fantastic photorapher. I decided to get a fixed lens for the camera. Essentially - it's a great way to get blurry background pictures with not a ton-o-light! I had just enough $$ in my paypal account from some recent sales - so it was basically free to me!
So - scheduled to arrive tomorrow is a new 50mm fixed lens. By the way - the company that I ordered it from has great prices and a lotof great reviews from all their customers.

Hopefully it will also come with some photography skills of it's own...I'll have to test it out and share the results.

In other (good news) the vacuum broke last night - just quit - end of story! Thank the lord!! So today we got a new one. The one I have been lusting over for several years now! And better than that - Bed Bath and Beyond accepted the 20% off coupon for it! I have never been so exited to clean in all my life! I might even have to fight Aaron over it:)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Week in Review

Wow - where has this week gone?
Sunday's shower for Lindsey was great - it was so casual - everyone chatted, ate a lot and got to enjoy being inside and outside! Here's one of the litle arrangements that I put together. My grandmother was over while I was cutting the flowers - and though she didn't "say" she would do it differently - I know she was thinking it! I told her that my flower arrangements would just look different - and wouldn't be as perfect as hers might be:) Here's Dana, Lindsey and me...we have known eachother for forever - and always get a picture made - in this exact order! Dana's Due with #3 in December - otherwise known as the 2009 edition!Here's the 2007 edition - Hayden...don't kill me Dana - I couldn't resist sharing this photo! You know there's some great treasure buried in there!
Aaron's mom is coming in town Thursday night...we have our 4-D ultrasound Friday morning along with my normal 2 week visit! I can't wait for the 4-D. Small prayer request - without too many details, I have been a little "sick" since last Friday and not able to eat much more than Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast - as prescribed by the nurse...so hopefully tomorrow we can figure out what's going on and get rid of it! Walker's moving around so much - and growing...his kicks are still so strong and sweet!
Hopefully I will have 4-D pics to update with on Friday!
Much to Love!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Nursery in Progress...Lots of pics

Well - slowly but surely we have been working on Walker's Nursery. Just lacking a few things - then we'll be all set!
Here's the crib, bumper sheet and crib skirt

Here's the top view - with the sheet and bumper. Donald was a gift from my mom from Disney! He matches perfectly:)

This is the blanket that we are thinking about hanging aboce the crib. It's so sute and would take up a lot of wall space!
This light came from PBK online - for a super-deal! Aaron put it up on Sunday night - and we just love it. It gives off a very soft light in the room.
Here's part of his closet - from newborn to 18 months. These are all the things that haven't been washed yet...not to mention the clothes already in his dresser...
Some things don't have a place yet...like these Willow Tree people. They will most likely go on a shelf (that we are making) but for now they are just hanging out.
These fun frames were a find at Hancock Fabrics. Though the people in them are pretty - they aren't the final frame faces!
Here's a tub full of shelf goodies and other gifts. I think we will hang the planes from the ceiling - maybe in a corner.
This little lamp was another steal from PBK. It was too fun to resist and we needed some extra light in the room
Here's a more to come basket - some wall anchors and rope for the swing shelf we're making, some frames and other random decor.

We are still lacking an upholstered glider. The one we want is too expensive - and the other ones just aren't tall enough. Most of the chairs sit so low to the ground - I think I need a pulley to get out of the chair! This one is my favorite - and it's so comfy...but we'll keep looking! Headed to GA this weekend to throw a shower for Lindsey - hope your weekend is great.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Walkin' Down the Street

Please watch this clip of my SENIOR discipleship girls - singing a song for Baby Walker!
They also came with gifts - an adorable striped Polo onesie and khaki Polo shoes...he's gonna be a sharp dressed man

ode to Chick-fil-A

This guy took the words right out of my mouth!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Pearly!

That's what I've been calling my mom for about the past year. And let me tell you - she's a TREASURE! Here she is with me and my sister at the beach last year...

This year she's at the beach for her birthday! And she deserves it more than anyone! She's one of the most talented hard-working people that I have ever known. She has often been referred to as Friend to the World - you can't meet her with out loving her instantly! She's a proud moma and a soon-to-be proud grandma! She has her own business where she creates the most BEAUTIFUL window treatments, bed coverings and home decor imaginable - and has taught herself every skill that she uses. She can sing, play guitar, style hair, build a house, garden, paint, ride horses, remodel just about anything, loves Jesus with all her heart and most of all she loves her family greatly! (oh and she's single) She's self-less and so inspiring! I am so thankful that I get to call here mom - and best girlfriend! So here's to you Pearly - hope this birthday is a great one!


Monday, June 1, 2009

Home vs. Work

You know I just love being home...but days like today make it hard to come home because I know this is waiting for me when I walk in the door!!!

Clean laundry at least - but not folded or the worst part...put away! Too bad I can't put the dogs to work while I'm gone during the day!


30 weeks and we have a NAME!

I just copied this straight from my e-mail update...so if you get those - sorry to bore you:)
I can't believe we are at 30 weeks! August 10th seems like a long way away - but 10 weeks seems like it's just around the corner!
We have so much planned for the next 10 weeks - between weddings, showers, family trips, baby classes and a 4-D ultrasound on June 12th - it's sure to fly by!
I'm still feeling great. Especially now that I can call this child by name! Walker Monroe Zakeri. Aaron mentioned on the phone that he liked Walker - I was SHOCKED - because I love that name - but never metioned it because I didn't think he would like it. So we paired it with my grandfather's middle name - Monroe - and we both smile when we say it - it just seems right! And don't worry - we've already heard the, Walker Texas Ranger, Walker instead of Runner...and so on. But that's ok! We love it!
The room's painted (thanks to some great help from Tabitha) - furniture is in place and we even bought a nearly-new crib matress this weekend at a yard sale. Now we just need some wall decor, a chair that I found on craigslist, a slip cover to cover the chair - and our little Walker to make the room complete!
I'm considering writing a book called "What not to say to pregnant people" But more on that later!