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Monday, November 30, 2009

What do you get...

What do you get a 4 month-old for Christmas?I know what he likes...But we've got plenty of that already.
Any ideas? Any favorite toys or great finds for your kiddos this Christmas? I've been looking around on the internet - but nothing is grabbing my attention...
As usual...help is greatly appreciated:)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Calling all moms...

so I have "tried" to read some books about scheduling babies - but I just get confused and discouraged because they are all so different. Walker is on a decent "schedule." We just kind-of made it up and it seems to work. However, his naps are getting shorter (like only 30mins) and more frequent. It seems like it would be better for him to have fewer naps - but longer naps...I just don't know how to get there and Aaron's home with him during the week - and I'm sure would enjoy longer "nap times" as well. Any suggestions on what worked for your little ones (or what didn't work) - so I don't have to go out and buy another book...anybody? anybody?
Any advice would be much appreciated.
Here's what we currently have working:
eating about every 3 hours
Wake 6-6:15am feed
sleep (30-45 min)
REPEAT unil about 6 or 7:00pm
feed @ 7pm
play feed at 8:30pm
sleep till 6am

Monday, November 16, 2009

Impress your friends and neighbors...Cheerios Treat

If you're a perfectionist that needs exact measurements and directions...then do not read this post - because this is NOT the treat for you!
All you'll need is:
Favorite Peanut Butter
Small Marshmallows
Wooden Spoon
Baking Sheet (sprayed with Pam)
good non-stick boiler (with a little butter in the bottom)
begin by pouring one bag of small marshmallows in your boiler on medium-high heat.
add in desired amount of Peanut Butter. I prefer two huge spoonfulls.
diligently stir the mixture (with wooden spoon) so that the marshmallows don't burn.
careful...don't be distracted by the begging dog waiting for one tiny marshmallow to fall on the floor...
once your marshmallows have melted pour in Cheerios - and stir at the same time. You're gonna have to muscle-up for this one - because the stirring gets harder and harder. You'll use about 1/2 to 3/4 box of Cheerios.
once you just can't stir anymore - and it looks at though all of your Cheerios have made contact with some marshmallows it's time to transfer the glob to your baking sheet
pile it all in the middle and mash it down with your wooden spoon at first
Then you'll need to mash down the rest with your hands. Unfortunately you'll have some cheerios stick to your hands - and you'll have to eat those, but just don't tell your friends and neighbors!
you can pull them apart to serve, cut them into squares or serve them up however you like.
make sure to let your husband try some before serving it to the public. Especially if the whole time you were making the Cheerios Treats he was asking "when are we going to work-out, when are we going to do the video, are you ready to work-out yet..."
and of course - give the begging dog a sample too!

It was us

If you were at Macaroni Grill on Friday night in Birmingham and heard
a baby screaming at the top if his lungs, It was us

If you saw a mom bouncing her child up and down in the waiting area 3
different times and outside, It was us

If you saw a dad changing a diaper in the back of a car during the
middle of dinner, It was us

If you saw a mom eat a lovely Italian dinner in 3 minutes with bread
crumbs flying all over the place. Yeah. You guessed it. It was us

Then if you happened to be at Yogurt Mointain after dinner and saw the
happiest baby in the world. Well, that was us too. I guess I can't
blame him. Dessert is my favorite part of dinner too!!

If you see my heart melt to a puddle...well that's because of him...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Everyone loves FREE

Dolly Parton's organization will send you a book per month per child
until they turn 5. We got our first one this month...
The Little Engine That Could
Check it out!! It's great way to start a book collection for your

Friday, November 13, 2009


i was ill, grumpy, not happy
it was also our 4th wedding anniversary
i was still ill
so i didn't post
now it's today and i regret not posting on or about our anniversary
but yesterday is gone - so i can't change that
today is a new day and i'm not ill anymore
it's been 4 great years of marriage
and i am so thankful to have Aaron
he loves me more than i deserve
i will never forget the excitement of this day
Surrounded by people that we love
heading to the lake for-a-day to enjoy being away just a minute
taking the little guy with us
looking forward to enjoying a beautiful weekend!
looking at my wedding pictures has made me ill again
i've gotta get in shape

Monday, November 9, 2009

Do you have a Maclaren?

There's a recall on 1 million Maclaren Strollers (several different models).
They will apparently send you a hinge repair kit due to the fact that there have been some children lose their little fingers because of this stroller. If you have a Maclaren you should check it out. Thought it was worth sharing!
Happy Strolling:)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Well Balanced?

So thankful to have come across this today!

Anyone else feel like this describes your life - or is it just me?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

more in love...12 weeks already?

It's hard to remember my baby boy this little...but I love remembering because it makes me want to savor every minute with him all the more!

He's 12 weeks old today and I love him SO very much! After even the worst day - his little coos and noises, sweet smile and wonderful baby smell can just make my day! I'm so blessed to have such an awesome little boy in Walker. Not only that - but a Super-Husband to go along with it! I love them both more and more every day!
I can't stand these short days - makes me feel like I've been at work for like 20 hours...we really get the short end of the stick in Birmingham because we are an hour behind - but geographically so close to the Eastern Time Zone...It makes it difficult to balance work and home too - but it's all good!
Can't wait for the weekend - I am loving this cooler weather! Hopefully the sun will stay out for all of us!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Run - don't walk...

I am always wanting to use that line...so I did:)
To your nearest Publix to pick up some of these:
Pita chips that won't break your teeth off...
to dip into some of this:
Sabra Spinach & Artichoke Hummus
then you may need to brush your teeth and swish for like 30 minutes...but it's SO worth it!
Maybe tomorrow I will share about the DELISH fruit salsa (thanks to Emily for sharing the recipe) that I made to dip with Cinnamon & Sugar Pita chips - YUMMIE!
Have a great Monday!