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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sweet little Girls

The videos from this blog post at www.flythroughourwindow.com absolutely melt my heart!
Just a reminder of how smart and impressionable little ones are!
Check out her blog - though I am usually totally jealous of her, all her perfect pictures and her home decor, she did inspire me to make some fun little Christmas gifts this year (and of course I don't even know her)

Happy Blog Stalking to you:)

Daddy Diaries

So this is the call I get from Aaron this morning:

Your son is being SO mischievous this morning”

-really? What has he done?

“Well, he’s been up for 2.5 hours , wrestled with me while I was trying to feed him, spit up a time or two – requiring a wardrobe change, then – while he was on the changing table, he peed all over the table, himself and the wall – so I took his naked little butt to give him a bath – thinking certainly he wouldn’t pee anymore. Sure enough – he peed all over my shirt, all down my pants and it soaked through to my underwear. THEN I put him in the bath tub and whatta ya know – he pooped. I took him out, changed the water, put him back in – and then…he pooped AGAIN...now he’s smiling at me like nothing happened – he’s just as happy as can be. I think we should have named him rascal instead”

-my response – hysterical laughter!!

I don't believe one word of it!!Oh to be a fly on the wall during days like this! Hope your day was just as “fun”

Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Virtual Christmas

Due to budgetary constraints - some of you will be receiving our "virtual card" this year!
Merry Christmas bloggy friends! Hope yours is "merry and bright"!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Video from Santa

Please watch this precious video that Aunt Peyton "had made" for Walker
Portable North Pole Video
Merry Christmas! Hope you have been good like Walker this year:)


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Walker's First Cereal - Yummo!

our tiny little boy weighs 17.6 lbs now 95%
26" long 95%
and his head measurements aren't even on the chart...it's all those smarts remember?
here's a quick clip of his first cereal tonight - he all but dove into the bowl!

Monday, December 14, 2009

New York & Company Deals

If you shop at New York and Company, or you have a few gifts left to get this Christmas - looks like they have some great deals going on right now...
Almost everything is buy one get one 75% off - then you can use these coupon codes to get extra off at checkout...
$20 off $60 - 4649
$50 off $125 - 4650

Happy Shopping!

Walker is 4 months old!

a message from Walker:
hey guys - today i turn 4 months old
to celebrate this 1/3 year birthday - i decided to start rolling over from my back to my tummy
my MOST favorite time to roll over is while i'm getting my diaper changed
it makes things so much fun!
i also love to hear myself growl, grunt, coo and squeal
the more noise the better - it's like the more noise i make, the more attention i get.
mom and dad took me to church in georgia yesterday and boy was that fun! there were so many new faces - people were kissing, poking and pulling on me - lots of them smelled like old flowers - but that's ok - i know they were excited to see me.
i also got to stay with mom's friend danielle this weekend. it was so much fun - i rode around the house on their per horse, Meeko, watched the notebook and ate bon-bons - don't tell mom and dad! I really didn't want to go home - danielle and brandon are the best!
i sleep through the night most nights - occasionally i get hungry and i let mom and dad know real quick that i need some food. sometimes they don't come fast enough so i scream a little louder to get their attention.
every night while i'm sleeping, mom and dad "sneak in" to look at me. they think i don't know because i keep my eyes shut the whole time but i know they just love me so much and can't get enough of these cute cheeks. one day last week - dad kissed my cheek so much he left it a little red - those silly ole beards!
i also recently found my thumb - it's pretty cool - and i always have it with me, it never drops on the ground and it tastes just like sugar. it's much easier to chew on than my whole fist...that was a challenge!
tomorrow i go to the doctor for a check-up. mom says i weigh 17.5 pounds now - but what can i say - there's just lots of me to love!
much love -

Monday, November 30, 2009

What do you get...

What do you get a 4 month-old for Christmas?I know what he likes...But we've got plenty of that already.
Any ideas? Any favorite toys or great finds for your kiddos this Christmas? I've been looking around on the internet - but nothing is grabbing my attention...
As usual...help is greatly appreciated:)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Calling all moms...

so I have "tried" to read some books about scheduling babies - but I just get confused and discouraged because they are all so different. Walker is on a decent "schedule." We just kind-of made it up and it seems to work. However, his naps are getting shorter (like only 30mins) and more frequent. It seems like it would be better for him to have fewer naps - but longer naps...I just don't know how to get there and Aaron's home with him during the week - and I'm sure would enjoy longer "nap times" as well. Any suggestions on what worked for your little ones (or what didn't work) - so I don't have to go out and buy another book...anybody? anybody?
Any advice would be much appreciated.
Here's what we currently have working:
eating about every 3 hours
Wake 6-6:15am feed
sleep (30-45 min)
REPEAT unil about 6 or 7:00pm
feed @ 7pm
play feed at 8:30pm
sleep till 6am

Monday, November 16, 2009

Impress your friends and neighbors...Cheerios Treat

If you're a perfectionist that needs exact measurements and directions...then do not read this post - because this is NOT the treat for you!
All you'll need is:
Favorite Peanut Butter
Small Marshmallows
Wooden Spoon
Baking Sheet (sprayed with Pam)
good non-stick boiler (with a little butter in the bottom)
begin by pouring one bag of small marshmallows in your boiler on medium-high heat.
add in desired amount of Peanut Butter. I prefer two huge spoonfulls.
diligently stir the mixture (with wooden spoon) so that the marshmallows don't burn.
careful...don't be distracted by the begging dog waiting for one tiny marshmallow to fall on the floor...
once your marshmallows have melted pour in Cheerios - and stir at the same time. You're gonna have to muscle-up for this one - because the stirring gets harder and harder. You'll use about 1/2 to 3/4 box of Cheerios.
once you just can't stir anymore - and it looks at though all of your Cheerios have made contact with some marshmallows it's time to transfer the glob to your baking sheet
pile it all in the middle and mash it down with your wooden spoon at first
Then you'll need to mash down the rest with your hands. Unfortunately you'll have some cheerios stick to your hands - and you'll have to eat those, but just don't tell your friends and neighbors!
you can pull them apart to serve, cut them into squares or serve them up however you like.
make sure to let your husband try some before serving it to the public. Especially if the whole time you were making the Cheerios Treats he was asking "when are we going to work-out, when are we going to do the video, are you ready to work-out yet..."
and of course - give the begging dog a sample too!

It was us

If you were at Macaroni Grill on Friday night in Birmingham and heard
a baby screaming at the top if his lungs, It was us

If you saw a mom bouncing her child up and down in the waiting area 3
different times and outside, It was us

If you saw a dad changing a diaper in the back of a car during the
middle of dinner, It was us

If you saw a mom eat a lovely Italian dinner in 3 minutes with bread
crumbs flying all over the place. Yeah. You guessed it. It was us

Then if you happened to be at Yogurt Mointain after dinner and saw the
happiest baby in the world. Well, that was us too. I guess I can't
blame him. Dessert is my favorite part of dinner too!!

If you see my heart melt to a puddle...well that's because of him...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Everyone loves FREE

Dolly Parton's organization will send you a book per month per child
until they turn 5. We got our first one this month...
The Little Engine That Could
Check it out!! It's great way to start a book collection for your

Friday, November 13, 2009


i was ill, grumpy, not happy
it was also our 4th wedding anniversary
i was still ill
so i didn't post
now it's today and i regret not posting on or about our anniversary
but yesterday is gone - so i can't change that
today is a new day and i'm not ill anymore
it's been 4 great years of marriage
and i am so thankful to have Aaron
he loves me more than i deserve
i will never forget the excitement of this day
Surrounded by people that we love
heading to the lake for-a-day to enjoy being away just a minute
taking the little guy with us
looking forward to enjoying a beautiful weekend!
looking at my wedding pictures has made me ill again
i've gotta get in shape

Monday, November 9, 2009

Do you have a Maclaren?

There's a recall on 1 million Maclaren Strollers (several different models).
They will apparently send you a hinge repair kit due to the fact that there have been some children lose their little fingers because of this stroller. If you have a Maclaren you should check it out. Thought it was worth sharing!
Happy Strolling:)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Well Balanced?

So thankful to have come across this today!

Anyone else feel like this describes your life - or is it just me?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

more in love...12 weeks already?

It's hard to remember my baby boy this little...but I love remembering because it makes me want to savor every minute with him all the more!

He's 12 weeks old today and I love him SO very much! After even the worst day - his little coos and noises, sweet smile and wonderful baby smell can just make my day! I'm so blessed to have such an awesome little boy in Walker. Not only that - but a Super-Husband to go along with it! I love them both more and more every day!
I can't stand these short days - makes me feel like I've been at work for like 20 hours...we really get the short end of the stick in Birmingham because we are an hour behind - but geographically so close to the Eastern Time Zone...It makes it difficult to balance work and home too - but it's all good!
Can't wait for the weekend - I am loving this cooler weather! Hopefully the sun will stay out for all of us!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Run - don't walk...

I am always wanting to use that line...so I did:)
To your nearest Publix to pick up some of these:
Pita chips that won't break your teeth off...
to dip into some of this:
Sabra Spinach & Artichoke Hummus
then you may need to brush your teeth and swish for like 30 minutes...but it's SO worth it!
Maybe tomorrow I will share about the DELISH fruit salsa (thanks to Emily for sharing the recipe) that I made to dip with Cinnamon & Sugar Pita chips - YUMMIE!
Have a great Monday!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

It's cold and rainy here but we plan to spend the day with good
friends. Watching football, roasting pumpkin seeds and most of all
just relaxing! Hope your day and weekend are great too!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Doctor Visit

Walker had his 2 month visit today. I was so proud of how well he did!
He weighs 14.5 lbs and is 24" long (his head is big. But that's just
to hold all his smarts:)
He made it through his first cold about 2 weeks ago without any meds
or doc visit and we were super happy about that!
We started his vaccinations. We felt like this was best for us as a
family and best for Walker. There's a lot of info out there that
stands on each side of the debate. We are giving single dose vaccines
spread out over a little more time. Accompanied with the fact that in
everything we do and each decision we make we just continue to pray
over our son.
He only cried a second after the shot was given, then he was back to
his jolly self. I didn't shed a tear...surprisingly enough!
We love our little man and are so thankful for his health!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

10 weeks or 70 days or 2.5 months...

Whichever you prefer! Either way - we have made it 10 full weeks!
Walker was dedicated last sunday at our home church, Trinity Fellowship in GA.
It was such a sweet time with family and friends. I cried of course and really missed my grandfather. It was one of those moments that I realy wished he could have been a part of. At the end of the dedication, the pastor said, "you know Walker, I know someone who would have loved to be here today. And one day when you get a cell phone, give me a call and I will tell you all about him" At this point the tears were unstoppable!
Here are some pictures post-dedication. Many thanks to my mom for helping me with his home-made dedication shirt. Some left-over drapery fabric, a zig-zag stitch, one $3.00 onesie and a handsome baby boy!
(he did wear pants to the dedication...no worries) along with his John Deere socks!
Looking at one of his sweet grandmas. This grandma doesn't have a name yet...still to be decided!
Enjoying some tummy time while home with daddy! Dad has become quite the photographer!
And another! What a happy little boy!
Here's what Walker is doing at 10 weeks:
sleeping through the night (first time last night!!)
occasionally rolling from his tummy to his back
eating about 5oz every 3 hours
taking good naps
smiling a lot
talking, cooing, gurgling
LOVING a bath - I'm pretty sure he would stay in the bath for hours!!
Wearing cloth diapers (BumGenius)
and last but not least - STEALING our hearts!
Hopefully this weekend will include a pumpkin patch, some rest, good family time and outdoor fun! I really want to roast some pumpkin seeds and be super-domesticated but I'm not sure if that'll happen!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Roly Poly

Walker on video rolling over. Please excuse my terribly loud laugh!
We're so proud!!


Michele :)
Sent from my iPhone

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Contraction data

Totally random - but I ran acrosss this in my e-mails tonight.
It's my contraction data from when I went into labor with Walker. I started timing them using the iContraction app on my iPhone at about 11pm on August 13th - and kept up until we went to the hospital at about 9am on August 14th. We finally met our little man at 7pm that night! (it actually starts at the bottom)

Duration=01:00 Interval=04:19 Start=Aug 14, 08:15:19 (last contraction before we checked into the hospital)
Duration=00:44 Interval=04:28 Start=Aug 14, 08:11:00
Duration=00:53 Interval=04:41 Start=Aug 14, 08:06:32
Duration=00:59 Interval=04:16 Start=Aug 14, 08:01:51
Duration=00:58 Interval=03:39 Start=Aug 14, 07:57:35
Duration=01:14 Interval=05:14 Start=Aug 14, 07:53:56
Duration=01:09 Interval=05:48 Start=Aug 14, 07:48:42
Duration=01:14 Interval=04:56 Start=Aug 14, 07:42:54
Duration=01:06 Interval=04:25 Start=Aug 14, 07:37:58
Duration=01:03 Interval=04:49 Start=Aug 14, 07:33:33
Duration=00:57 Interval=03:29 Start=Aug 14, 07:28:44
Duration=01:15 Interval=07:44 Start=Aug 14, 07:25:15
Duration=01:08 Interval=07:55 Start=Aug 14, 07:17:31
Duration=01:18 Interval=04:05 Start=Aug 14, 07:09:36
Duration=01:13 Interval=02:39 Start=Aug 14, 07:05:31
Duration=00:05 Interval=05:34 Start=Aug 14, 07:02:52
Duration=01:16 Interval=03:36 Start=Aug 14, 06:57:18
Duration=01:26 Interval=03:16 Start=Aug 14, 06:53:42
Duration=01:08 Interval=03:14 Start=Aug 14, 06:50:26
Duration=00:54 Interval=03:26 Start=Aug 14, 06:47:12
Duration=01:20 Interval=13:27 Start=Aug 14, 06:43:46
Duration=01:06 Interval=06:37 Start=Aug 14, 06:30:19
Duration=01:04 Interval=03:51 Start=Aug 14, 06:23:42
Duration=01:10 Interval=06:10 Start=Aug 14, 06:19:51
Duration=01:09 Interval=08:39 Start=Aug 14, 06:13:41
Duration=01:15 Interval=05:56 Start=Aug 14, 06:05:02
Duration=01:06 Interval=06:27 Start=Aug 14, 05:59:06
Duration=01:03 Interval=07:34 Start=Aug 14, 05:52:39
Duration=01:06 Interval=07:31 Start=Aug 14, 05:45:05
Duration=01:10 Interval=05:25 Start=Aug 14, 05:37:34
Duration=01:08 Interval=03:15 Start=Aug 14, 05:32:09
Duration=00:37 Interval=03:19 Start=Aug 14, 05:28:54
Duration=00:45 Interval=04:57 Start=Aug 14, 05:25:35
Duration=00:58 Interval=07:50 Start=Aug 14, 05:20:38
Duration=01:03 Interval=04:56 Start=Aug 14, 05:12:48
Duration=01:13 Interval=05:20 Start=Aug 14, 05:07:52
Duration=01:07 Interval=06:55 Start=Aug 14, 05:02:32
Duration=01:03 Interval=05:48 Start=Aug 14, 04:55:37
Duration=00:55 Interval=03:05 Start=Aug 14, 04:49:49
Duration=01:07 Interval=05:33 Start=Aug 14, 04:46:44
Duration=01:20 Interval=05:36 Start=Aug 14, 04:41:11
Duration=01:19 Interval=07:19 Start=Aug 14, 04:35:35
Duration=01:36 Interval=05:27 Start=Aug 14, 04:28:16
Duration=01:19 Interval=06:39 Start=Aug 14, 04:22:49
Duration=01:33 Interval=08:48 Start=Aug 14, 04:16:10
Duration=01:13 Interval=09:13 Start=Aug 14, 04:07:22
Duration=01:17 Interval=06:14 Start=Aug 14, 03:58:09
Duration=01:15 Interval=06:50 Start=Aug 14, 03:51:55
Duration=01:27 Interval=08:10 Start=Aug 14, 03:45:05
Duration=01:17 Interval=08:45 Start=Aug 14, 03:36:55
Duration=01:42 Interval=05:20 Start=Aug 14, 03:28:10
Duration=00:44 Interval=04:35 Start=Aug 14, 03:22:50
Duration=01:30 Interval=06:51 Start=Aug 14, 03:18:15
Duration=01:13 Interval=08:36 Start=Aug 14, 03:11:24
Duration=01:12 Interval=08:05 Start=Aug 14, 03:02:48
Duration=01:09 Interval=10:02 Start=Aug 14, 02:54:43
Duration=01:09 Interval=11:02 Start=Aug 14, 02:44:41
Duration=01:23 Interval=09:10 Start=Aug 14, 02:33:39
Duration=01:19 Interval=08:07 Start=Aug 14, 02:24:29
Duration=00:48 Interval=03:47 Start=Aug 14, 02:16:22
Duration=00:50 Interval=02:38 Start=Aug 14, 02:12:35
Duration=00:55 Interval=03:56 Start=Aug 14, 02:09:57
Duration=01:11 Interval=08:45 Start=Aug 14, 02:06:01
Duration=01:17 Interval=08:02 Start=Aug 14, 01:57:16
Duration=01:09 Interval=08:37 Start=Aug 14, 01:49:14
Duration=01:16 Interval=06:58 Start=Aug 14, 01:40:37
Duration=01:12 Interval=08:14 Start=Aug 14, 01:33:39
Duration=00:53 Interval=12:11 Start=Aug 14, 01:25:25
Duration=01:33 Interval=03:56 Start=Aug 14, 01:13:14
Duration=01:36 Interval=04:22 Start=Aug 14, 01:09:18
Duration=01:16 Interval=07:37 Start=Aug 14, 01:04:56
Duration=01:22 Interval=07:32 Start=Aug 14, 00:57:19
Duration=01:05 Interval=08:41 Start=Aug 14, 00:49:47
Duration=01:04 Interval=08:33 Start=Aug 14, 00:41:06
Duration=01:08 Interval=08:44 Start=Aug 14, 00:32:33
Duration=01:20 Interval=07:14 Start=Aug 14, 00:23:49
Duration=01:22 Interval=07:21 Start=Aug 14, 00:16:35
Duration=01:21 Interval=06:18 Start=Aug 14, 00:09:14
Duration=01:21 Interval=06:32 Start=Aug 14, 00:02:56
Duration=01:15 Interval=12:16 Start=Aug 13, 23:56:24
Duration=01:11 Interval=06:32 Start=Aug 13, 23:44:08
Duration=01:11 Interval=06:30 Start=Aug 13, 23:37:36
Duration=01:08 Interval=05:00 Start=Aug 13, 23:31:06
Duration=00:57 Interval=05:15 Start=Aug 13, 23:26:06
Duration=01:23 Interval=05:29 Start=Aug 13, 23:20:51
Duration=00:52 Interval=05:10 Start=Aug 13, 23:15:22
Duration=01:26 Interval=05:55 Start=Aug 13, 23:10:12
Duration=01:22 Interval=07:19 Start=Aug 13, 23:04:17
Duration=01:09 Interval=04:43 Start=Aug 13, 22:56:58
Duration=01:28 Interval=07:56 Start=Aug 13, 22:52:15
Duration=01:28 Interval=08:24 Start=Aug 13, 22:44:19
Duration=01:28 Interval=06:55 Start=Aug 13, 22:35:55
Duration=01:15 Interval=08:58 Start=Aug 13, 22:29:00
Duration=00:58 Interval=04:49 Start=Aug 13, 22:20:02
Duration=01:26 Interval=04:48 Start=Aug 13, 22:15:13
Duration=01:08 Interval=07:32 Start=Aug 13, 22:10:25
Duration=01:23 Interval=08:20 Start=Aug 13, 22:02:53
Duration=01:21 Interval=06:21 Start=Aug 13, 21:54:33
Duration=01:18 Interval=00:-1 Start=Aug 13, 21:48:12 (First Contraction that I started timing)

Guess I'm feeling a little nostalgic! Happy 2 month Birthday Son-Son!

Monday, October 12, 2009

A happy SAHD...

Just for now though.
I will be going back to work on Wednesday and Aaron will be staying at
home with the little guy. There are some new opportunities on the
horizon and this is is the best decision for our family for now plus
Aaron will have more time to dedicate to a very challenging semester
in seminary.
I can't think of anyone better to stay with Walker than his Dad!!
So pray that I don't have a breakdown on Wednesday and that Aaron will
remember all his super-cool dad tricks while I'm gone!

Walker says hello...

To the wonderful blog world...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday, October 2, 2009

Photos from Nicole...

Nicole Rogers posted some photos from our session the other day...you can view them here:

Or to see all the pics you can go to
click on clients and enter Walker (case sensitive) as the password...
I have to pick my 3 favorite...what do you think?

What keeps me so busy?

This little fella...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nicole Rogers Photography

She's coming to Bham on Friday and we're having a baby photo shoot with her!
I met her at a friend's wedding and she's one of the most talented photographers that I've seen. Not to mention her sweet nature and great personality!
I can't wait to see the pics she takes!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Month Already?

Wow - I can't believe it's been a month (and a day) since Walker was born!
Things are going great on the home front. The greatest challenge lately has been nursing. He nurses great at night only up once between 9pm & 7am - but during the day is another story - so I have been switching back and forth between me and the bottle just to give it a try.

My sweet friend Dana came to visit last Wednesday through Friday! I have known her since...
Michele (left) Dana (right)

While she was here she taught me a few things, like how to:
  • use baby powder on the booty
  • saline and syringe the little nose
  • use the diaper genie instead of making 14 trips to the trash can
We had a blast. Laughed a ton - and stayed up way too late! She left her 2 girls at home with the hubby (everyone survived) and drove over from GA with one bun in the oven (3rd girl due Christmas Eve)

I don't think I've ever appreciated good friends as much as I do now. Since Walker arrived I have seen people really pour out to support us, calling to check in, bringing meals, and just offering to come over and hold him, do a load of laundry and even clean the kitchen. Not that it's all about "doing" things, but it truly has been a blessing! Not sure if I'll ever get to all the thank you notes - guess I could be doing that now huh?

Hopefully it won't be so long between posts...I think we're getting the hang of this!
Much love

Friday, September 4, 2009

According to my calculations...

this little burrito weight 10lbs 6oz today. I told Aaron at this rate he will weigh 20lbs in like 5 weeks...not likely but that would be crazy!
Last night I re-attempted the swaddle with this MiracleBlanket and it worked very well. Walker had his best night's sleep so far - with his feeding spaced out at least 4 hours. Whew - do I feel rested or what!

I have already shared Walker's Birth story - but here's the version that our Doula provided for us. It's from Walker's perspective - and I thought it was pretty cute. Hope you enjoy!

Birthday of Walker Monroe Zakeri

Thursday August 13th – 14th Mommy labored all night and received lots of back rubs from Daddy!

5:18am: Daddy called Jody Swank (our doula) and told her that they were having lots of contractions and probably heading to the hospital in a couple of hours.

Around 9:30am: Mommy and Daddy arrive at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. They are definitely STAYING because I am on my way! We are giving room #____.

11:15am: Doctor visits. Mommy is at 4cm and 90% effaced. I am at -1 Station!

11:50am – 1:05pm: Mommy did GREAT! She had really hard contractions and was so strong! She walked around the halls a little. She let Daddy take such good care of her! I knew from their voices how much they love each other!!

Mommy spent a lot of time sitting on a Birth Ball! Fun!! Daddy spent a lot of energy rubbing her back to help her through!! Mommy ate lots of ICE!!

1:10pm: Mommy is REALLY moving quickly…her contractions are really hard!

Nurse Imogene decides to check her. She is at 5cm !

1:10 – 1:55: The nurse helps Mommy kneel on the bed to ease some of her pain. Sweet Daddy keeps rubbing her back and telling her she is doing GREAT!

So many visitors came to show their love for my parents! Mommy’s mom, grandmother and neighbor! Some friends from Daddy’s work came too! Mommy got sooo hot~her mom, grandmother and doula kept her cool by fanning her!! Daddy’s mom came for a visit after driving all morning!!

2:00pm: I have the hiccups!!!! Haha

2:05pm: Nurse, Imogene, says it looks as though Mommy is in “TRANSITION”…wow!! She starts preparing all the baby supplies in the room!

2:45pm: Nurse checks mommy….wow! 7-8 cm and all of the sudden….no more water!!!! Mommy’s water breaks!!! Yippee…..I’m coming!

3:00pm: Nurse check….mommy is still at 8cm…..

3:15pm: Mommy sits up for a while trying to “get me down!”

3:35pm: Mommy feels lots of pressure!

3:45pm: Dr. visits mommy and says she’s doing great . . . let’s keep waiting!

3:50pm: Mommy moves back to ball….Daddy continues coaching!

4:15pm: Contractions just aren’t coming….Mommy and Daddy decide to

Try to get things moving with pitocin and ask for an epidural…..

4:30pm: Mommy sighs…..what relief…..let’s text our friends and tell them the exciting news: WALKER IS COMING TODAY!!!!

Daddy’s father joined Mommy & Daddy for a visit! The room now fills with friends and family….anticipating my arrival. Mommy shows them all my cute new clothes!!

5:20pm: No contractions…..no pain….no change in Mommy!! I’m hanging out pretty high in here! Just waiting!!

6:20pm: Doctor talks to Mommy and Daddy about my arrival!! They decide that I will arrive in the world through a c-section!!! I’m coming soon!!!!!

Mommy and Daddy get “all dressed” up to meet me!

The halls & waitrooms fill with anticipation at my arrival!!

AT 7:13pm 8lb 13oz WOW! I arrived in a room filled with awe and LOVE!!!


I am the most blessed little boy in the whole world!!!

Thank you MOMMY & DADDY for taking such good care of me for the last 9 months!!! I can’t wait to spend my life with you!!

Walker Monroe Zakeri

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Danielle...this one's for you

Since you called me out and announced that you were "bored with my blog" this post of for you.
I am posting instead of...
eating breakfast
shaving my legs
going for a walk
putting away laundry
and a few other things

Life at the Zakeri household is going well...we're adjusting to a little less sleep but are more in love than ever with our little Walker. He's getting more rolls each day - bigger cheeks and chunky thighs. I could just eat him up and kiss him all over! I just think he's such a DOLL and handsome like his daddy!

Tomorrow he'll be 3 weeks old - an
d like they warned me...the time really does fly by. Aaron went back to work this week - that was sad because I just loved having the extra time with him, but he's been making it home for lunch which is such a nice treat. Walker and I are still quarantined because of the swine flu...the pediatrician recommended that we not get out around school kids, church, or crowded public places for a few more weeks. I think I'm going to go ahead and get the ergo carrier so that we can make it out and about a little more...I've been waiting on the deal of the century...but I don't think it exists!
until next time...

Monday, August 31, 2009


Wanted to share this video with you. It was recorded at our church and is called cardboard testimonies. These are real stories from real people just like you & me.

I hope that no matter what you might be going through in life, that this might encourage you and give you hope in a Savior that's bigger than any daily crisis you may face or any struggle that you may be going through.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Finally...a blog post

Well - I would start at the beginning...but I'm not sure where that would be. So I'll start from what I can last remember...
Friday night - one week ago...Aaron mentions that he has a sore throat
Saturday morning - my mom leaves and heads back to GA
Saturday afternoon Aaron's Dad and family come to visit and help-out
Aaron at this point is confined to the floor sleeping, aching, runny nose - with what seem to be flu-like symptoms. He's quarantined from me and Walker for the entire weekend.
Sunday Aaron's family leaves, heads back to GA
Sunday afternoon...I have been changing diapers, feeding, bathing, and tending to the baby all by myself for what seems like an eternity
Call my mom - seem to be experiencing an emotional (hormonal), i miss my husband, i can't do this anymore, i need help kind-of-moment/breakdown.
Sunday night - about to take a shower - Walker starts crying, sitting on the edge of the bed in next-to-nothing - and my mom appears (in real life) standing in my bedroom door.
She came to the rescue! She fed Walker formula all night so that I could catch-up on sleep and that made such a difference.
I was more than relieved...
Monday morning we packed-up the family and headed to GA for some R&R, extra hands and a chance for Aaron to get well without me losing my mind:)
We came back Thursday night, Aaron had seminary and really couldn't miss another class.
Friday morning we had our first pediatrician appt. Walker weighs 9lb 8oz is 22" long and in the 75th percentile for everything.
So...that's a review of last week...
Walker seems to be a great baby. He still nurses like a champ and only wakes at night to eat. I have been so blessed to have Aaron home and know that it will be so hard when he goes back to work on Monday.

Some things I have noticed about Walker:
his eyes do open!! he's been awake a lot more during the day so i get to see a little more of his personality
when i lay him on my chest he holds his head up and looks around like a little turtle
he loves his daddy. he just looks so intently at his face and is really soothed by him
he loves car rides...and falls asleep anytime we put him in the carrier
he's got a great set of lungs...that's for sure!
I think I hear them now!