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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Daddy Diaries

So this is the call I get from Aaron this morning:

Your son is being SO mischievous this morning”

-really? What has he done?

“Well, he’s been up for 2.5 hours , wrestled with me while I was trying to feed him, spit up a time or two – requiring a wardrobe change, then – while he was on the changing table, he peed all over the table, himself and the wall – so I took his naked little butt to give him a bath – thinking certainly he wouldn’t pee anymore. Sure enough – he peed all over my shirt, all down my pants and it soaked through to my underwear. THEN I put him in the bath tub and whatta ya know – he pooped. I took him out, changed the water, put him back in – and then…he pooped AGAIN...now he’s smiling at me like nothing happened – he’s just as happy as can be. I think we should have named him rascal instead”

-my response – hysterical laughter!!

I don't believe one word of it!!Oh to be a fly on the wall during days like this! Hope your day was just as “fun”


  1. I can totally relate to this!! Never a dull moment when you're a stay at home parent! Sometimes you just have to laugh...

  2. Oh goodness!! What are we going to do with him?