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Saturday, December 31, 2011

We're making a move.

In January, our family will be moving to Gwinnett County as Aaron starts a new position at 12 Stone Church as a part of the Spiritual Formation Team.  There's a lot of excitement and anticipation about this next season and new position.  We will be moving from a church we love dearly, and people that we have built lasting relationships with, in a step of obedience to where He is calling us as a family.  

After the New Year, we will be packing up the house, selling a lot of furnishings and decor as we consolidate and simplify for the move.  Just wanted to share what's coming up and ask you to be in prayer with us as we make this transition in the coming weeks.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Marlee at 2.5 months

Marlee had her first doctor appointment yesterday (since she was 1 week) and she came out with a good report!  She weighs 13lbs and is 24.5 inches "tall".  She's in the 90th percent for height so far - but those silly percentages always change.  She has a little thrush which we finally have medicine for but other than that, they said she's doing great.  

She has had a few nights where she sleeps from 8pm-8am.  Most nights she goes to bed at 8pm, nurses at 3am then wakes for the day at 8am.  I figure anything is better than being up ALL night!  So far she's been a great baby, smiling, cooing and really coming to life a lot more lately.

Sleeping - like a baby
At the doctors office 
Dressed up like a little doll - I just couldn't resist!  These are the little pants I made for her.  Hopefully she will get to wear them on Christmas too. 
Walker in his "UP" glasses.  
He's been a handful lately, I think the "new sibling syndrome" is finally kicking in along with being 2-years old.  Lots of fits, being ugly and just acting out and talking out in general.  I am hoping and praying that it won't last much longer - I might lose my mind if so!  I'm trying to be more intentional with my time with him, and not worry so much about things like our ENTIRE mattress being covered in laundry!  speaking of...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Visit from the Dedge Family!

This weekend we were lucky enough to have some of our very best friends from Birmingham pay us a visit!  Thankfully, they brought Marlee's future husband, Foster Dedge.  We went shopping, had lunch at a great little local restaurant, shared baby tips and ideas and did lots of catching-up!

  I'll be saving the following photos for there rehearsal dinner one day.
 Look at those lips!  How precious!
 Foster and Marlee enjoyed some tummy-time together
 Pretty little girl just looking around
 Hey Walker, what do you think about Foster?
He thinks he's AWESOME! 
Ok, you can kiss my shoulder - but that's it! 
He'll make a great brother-in-law, dontcha think? 
Hopefully Becky won't kill me for posting this photo - maybe she doesn't read the blog!  I'm pretty sure we are both still in our pajamas, and apparently I have a bouffant! 
Getting to spend time with these guys was a breath of fresh air!  So thankful for The sweet Dedge Family!