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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Birthday, Easter, New Year, Pictures, Parks, Girls Getaway...WHEW!

The last month and a half have FLOWN by!  I'm not really sure how long this post will be but let's just say this is more for me to look back on than anything!

March was a fun month.  Mainly because I turned 30;).  We celebrated with family and food (of course)  I got cash-money for my birthday to put towards a new camera lens that I have been wishing for!  Here I am below using some of my table-waiting skills from the good old Robyn's Nest in college!

We also celebrated the Iranian New Year.  That was a full day outside in the great outdoors with my crazy children.  Marlee finally gave up the good fight and took a nap while Walker just powered on through the day.

 (we are now pacifier-free.  took it away cold turkey and we all lived to tell about it)

I've been expanding my photography hobby into more of a business which has been so much fun.  It's amazing how many doors have opened in such a short time.  I am still a huge critic of my pictures, I get nervous and a little giddy before each session BUT I am having a blast!  I'm very thankful to have friends and family to cheer me on every step of the way!  Here are a few favorites from the last couple of weeks.

We also celebrated Easter.  We went to church as a family on Saturday and celebrated with friends and family on Sunday.

We have been picnicking while the weather has been so mild.  It's so great being close to parks.  The kids literally squeal and nearly hyperventilate every time we drive past the park.

 And lastly, I went on a little adventure with these gals last weekend.  We did lots of shopping, eating and a little crafting.  Being away for a night was a breath of fresh air!

That covers the highlights.  I think.  If you have an instagram, you can follow me here.  I'm michelez.  and I love instagram because it has nothing to do with fake farms, jewel games and other weird stuff.  Just sweet pictures of people that I love.