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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

On Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving was really great. All THREE meals! We spent a day in Monticello, a day in Locust Grove and a day in Dacula. It was a sweet time with family, beautiful weather and great food. I posted pictures on facebook to document the fun times!!
I was shocked at how beautiful it was on Thursday. I was totally expecting rain and cold! I'll take a beautiful thanksgiving anytime!

Hope yours was great too! I sure do wish that I was this thankful ALL year!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Menu 2010

So I am cooking a semi-complete Thanksgiving meal this year - the day after Thanksgiving. The only thing I'm not responsible for is the meat!! I thought I would share some fun recipes that I'm using for the meal. Most are from AllRecipes.com which is my favorite recipe site.
1. please don't count the calories
2. please don't pass judgement on the boxed stuffing!

So here goes (links to recipes are in title)

Sweet Potato Souffle I

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Choosing Christmas Cards...

Anyone else look forward to making and picking out Christmas Cards?
I love to look back at mine and Aaron's from the past few years - the first year was a whirlwind so we didn't send our cards. Year 2 we send a pic with our first dog Nala, the next year was a crazy picture of us at my Aunt's Christmas party which was the best one yet! The third year was a picture of Aaron and I paired with an ultrasound pic of Walker, 4th year was a picture of Walker surrounded by Christmas lights and this year...we are still working on!!

Last year we made out own which turned out really fun but this year Shutterfly has a great deal on some awesome Christmas cards for any family! They have so many designs to choose from - a lot more creative than I could be!

Here are 2 of my favorites...but will they make the cut?

What are you doing for Christmas cards? Any tips or fun ideas from you and your family? Check-out ShutterFly to see if there are any cards you love! They make great memories!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy 5th Anniversary Baby!

Wow - what a fast 5 years it's been! We were married in 2005, you started seminary and we moved into our very first apartment! Oh the simplicity of life then:)
in 2006 we moved into a small cabin on a family lake and acquired our first dog Nala!
in 2007 we moved to Birmingham where you took a job in recreation ministry with Hunter Street. What an adventure. We cried our first night there but what a blessing that season was!
in 2008 we found out we were expecting our first little babe - we also lost Papa which was very devastating.
in 2009 Walker born! What a joy!
in 2010 you graduated from NOBTS, got a job in McDonough, GA and here we are, embarking on a new adventure!
I'm so thankful to be married to the man of my prayers, the man that God sent to me in college when I was convinced that there wasn't a guy out there! Thank you for being faithful to me always and uplifting me in every way imaginable.
It's an honor to be married to such an amazing man!