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Thursday, August 23, 2012

3rd Birthday Celebration!

Saturday we got the chance to celebrate Walker's birthday with family and friends.  I absolutely LOVED having people over, seeing the kids laugh and have a good time and just getting to spend time with people we love so much!  These pics speak for themselves.  Thank you to everyone who was able to come and share this day with us!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Walker's 3rd Birthday

Since Walker's birthday was on a weekday, we decided to celebrate with him as a family that morning.  It turned out to be so much fun!  Marlee was still sleeping so we got some special time to ourselves with the birthday boy!
 We gave him a few fun boy gadgets including a sprinkler, ball glove and ball, bubbles and a bug spy glass.  His "big" present was a new balance bike.  We had been wanting to get him a bicycle, and did a little research through friends and the internet and went with this one.  It's made by Kazam and is very versatile. It's been a lot of fun for him so far!
 We hit up Chick-fil-A for lunch with some of our friends.  Walker had a little meltdown on the playground so Walker got to order his own ice cream to distract from the "trauma"
 I think it helped!
 Jennifer and her little doll, Anna Kathryn
 Lyndsey and her little man, Cooper

 Mega balloon war by the trash can!  Kept them happy!  
 After naps, we headed to Aaron's moms for some more birthday celebrating.  They fixed him a delicious meal and he got to open a few more presents.

 Hope he made a big wish!

It was so much fun celebrating with Walker this year.  He talked about his birthday all week, was so excited about friends, presents and celebrating his 3rd year!  He said all day, "My birthday is ready!"

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Some pics from the beach!

Here are a "few" pictures from our trip to PCB, Redneck Riviera, or whatever you want to call it!  It was such a fun week despite the rain and a 10 month old that HATED the sand!
We loaded up 8 people in my Expedition, towed a small covered trailer and headed down!  The ride wasn't bad at all and it was super fun that everyone got to ride together.

Marlee had found a new scream
it's ear piercing
makes you want to take 4 advil and crawl in the bed
and she practiced her scream ALL WEEK LONG!
 She LOVES Papa Alan, or if your asking Walker, "Papa Ayan"
This is the amount of energy that Walker had the entire trip!  
Even when we were stuck inside all day due to rain.
Aaron snuck down for 2 days.  
We were so happy to see him.
He wins the ultimate family man award!

 Goo-Goo and Andoo

 New Bubble trick!

 "Cayeb and Goo-Goo"

 One night we drove down to Pier Pard and ate at Hook'd.
I love the lights, music and busyness of that place!

 Our ONE family beach picture...

Walker took this picture of Aaron.  Not too bad:)

 Another rainy day...

 Walker posing for his 3 year old picture!

 Aaron practicing for the 2016 Olympics.  I think he has a shot!

 Here comes another storm


 My first Low Country Boil.  I know where have I been?  It was SO good!

 I tricked her for 5 minutes with the boogie board.  Marlee is rocking that little belly!
 Ice Cream...a lot of it...nearly every single night!
 Eating should be comfortable...

 I'm embarrassed to post this picture but, this is how my hair looked at the beach all week.  That would be thanks to Miss Marlee.  This is the new hair that's growing back from when it all fell out 3 months after she was born.  It's all over the place, out of control hair..  Apparently in need some relaxer or something.  I know it must be terrifying to the children!
 oh yay!  Another storm
Waffle House at 12am...yes
Creepy people at Waffle House at 12am...yes