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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy 28th Birthday to my Honey!

Today is Aaron's 28th Birthday! Hooray for him! For a special birthday dinner we went to Dreamland BBQ Downtown which was YUMM-O. I'm so thankful to have such an incredible husband and best friend. he's truly more than I could ever ask for - or would ever deserve in a man. He's loves the Lord with all his heart, has great compassion for others, is such a hard worker and is truly me hero! This is the 6th birthday that I have gotten to share with Aaron and I am so thankful for the many more ahead! I love you babe!!

In other news - we came home tonight to a box on our front porch - I was certain that it must have been something for Aaron and when we read the label, it was from my aunt Leslie. What was inside?
Click here to see!

Much love!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bad Hair Day

Photo compliments of Smabitha...
I say head piece from Braveheart
Peeton says dead animal hat
Smabitha says Joe Dirt

What do you say:)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Magic Trick

Tonight - as I was loading the dishwasher...a glass slipped from my hand, hit the dishwasher shelf, and landed......on my slipper. Moral of the story - My hideous bedroom shoes (that I bought at Publix 2 years ago for $5) have 2 purposes!
1. keeping my feet warm
2. allowing me to perform magic tricks as a form of entertainment while doing housework.There's no belly picture tonight...my photographer left the house for a sleep-test before I was able to remember that it was Monday - and I needed a new picture. Aaron did pick-up the baby furniture tonight - and we unpacked and assembled it! It's SO precious. I think I will wait to post pics until we get the room completed, just to get the full-effect.

To sum-up what a great weekend we had...



Sunday, February 22, 2009

How can one resist...

While out and about this Saturday with Emily I ran across this at the Alabama Outdoors Outlet.
How could I resist buying this for our little guy? It's a 0-3 months - and every time I see these tiny clothes, it's so hard to imagine that a little person will fit onto them!
And can you tell that Aaron's excited about having a little boy? These are fun little decorative cars that we found at Ross...a favorite place to find great deals!
Also this weekend we found baby furniture...and bought it. It's was at the most random place and it's way early...but too good of a deal to pass-up! Hopefully we will be able to pick it up tomorrow so I can take some good pictures!
On the funnier side of things - does anyone know this fella? Hopefully you can zoom in on the picture to get the full effect. Peyton (birthday girl) has a ton of great names for him...non of which I can remember right now...I think Bobby Brown might have been one of them! And yes, this photo was taken in February of 2009!Hope your weekend was great!
Much Love!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

We found out it's a BOY!

With my Mom, Sister and Aaron by my side - I found out today that we are having a little boy! Aaron and I are both thrilled - and I can't wait to start planning for his arrival! Time to pick out a name, bedding, clothes, decor, and all the exciting things that come with this new life! Here's a sweet picture of him sucking his thumb, his little foot, and his "boyness"

Much Love,
Meesh & Weeron*
*Weeron is the name that Peyton and Tabitha have given him until he has a real name. It's short for "A Wee little version of Aaron"

Monday, February 16, 2009

15 Weeks Pregnant!

So here's a shot of the Buddha Belly at 15 weeks! It's definitely growing and taking on a different shape.
Though it's hard to grasp at first - I am so thankful for these changes because it means that little baby Zakeri is growing!I heard the heartbeat on Thursday which was 163. It still takes my breath away a little and brings tears to my eyes. I can't believe that there's a little life growing inside there!! Thursday I am going for a free sonogram to try to find-out the sex of the baby. It might be a little early, but either way - I am SO ready to see the baby again!
I OTHER news...has anyone seen Nala? Well, that was what I asked Aaron last night when we were in the living room - he said he thought he saw her walk to the back of the house...and indeed she had.So I grabbed the camera - because I KNEW she had snuck to the guest bedroom - which I had forgotten to shut the door to after the girls left this weekend. Sure enough - there she was. Notice how she's ducking-down in hopes that we won't be able to see her. Now I get to wash the bedding TWICE in one week - because she did this once last week too!! I guess I can't blame her - it's the second best place to sleep besides our bed!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Disciple Now Weekend!

This weekend the Zakeri household was PACKED - with food and 11th grade girls - for Hunter Street's D*Now.

There were 10 girls here in all - including me - we ran Aaron off to another house that was full of boys! It was such a great weekend to spend with these gals! Friday night we ate and headed for the church for worship and a message from David Nasser. The whole weekend was filled with a powerful message on grace from Ephesians 2:1-10! Saturday morning we put on our work clothes and headed to Sayre for mission projects - which included building decks, volleyball courts, roofing, cleaning up yards and flowerbeds. We made it home in time to take a nap, watch Baby Mama and just hang-out before the next meeting at church. I woke-up on Sunday morning to the sound of giggling and hair dryers...then we headed to the church for the wrap-up message. These girls are such a blessing and I am so thankful to be a part of their lives.
The statement of the weekend was - "don't do that - you're pregnant." By the end of the weekend it was more a joke than anything...but it got to be pretty funny! Tomorrow marks 15 weeks pregnant!! Hooray! I think my belly is growing a bit...I bought some maternity pants at Ross today to wear to work for $3.99. I was pretty pumped about that:)
Maybe I'll be brave and post a belly pic tomorrow:)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Drunk from the Dentist

Maybe you've already seen it but this is the most hilarious video that I have seen - EVER!
Please watch it!

Thanks go to Peyton for passing this one along!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Tonight I started my new workout video called FitMama. It was actually a lot of fun! After eating a huge serving of Emily's cheesy, beefy, noodle delight and an innumerable amount of Lays potato chips - I thought that a little workout was much in order. I would like to have gone for a walk with the dogs, but at this pint in the game it was like 24 degrees outside! YIKES!

There are several versions of the workout that you do - which I like being able to pick based on what I feel like doing. So you can either do the Whole Workout, Salsa, Yoga Fat Burn, Pre-Natal Stretching, or labor and delivery prep. There are come bonus features - but I can't remember those.

I chose the Salsa workout and the floor stretching to get started. It was SO much fun! And I have never had a workout instructor tell me that I look sexy! hahaha. Good thing I was home alone - because I was really bustin' out some salsa moves I didn't even know I had. She recommends doing this 3-4 times per week - which I think is totally do-able...and I am actually looking forward to!

I might be brave enough here in a few days to post a belly pic...MIGHT!