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Monday, February 23, 2009

Magic Trick

Tonight - as I was loading the dishwasher...a glass slipped from my hand, hit the dishwasher shelf, and landed......on my slipper. Moral of the story - My hideous bedroom shoes (that I bought at Publix 2 years ago for $5) have 2 purposes!
1. keeping my feet warm
2. allowing me to perform magic tricks as a form of entertainment while doing housework.There's no belly picture tonight...my photographer left the house for a sleep-test before I was able to remember that it was Monday - and I needed a new picture. Aaron did pick-up the baby furniture tonight - and we unpacked and assembled it! It's SO precious. I think I will wait to post pics until we get the room completed, just to get the full-effect.

To sum-up what a great weekend we had...




  1. Oh, my goodness! Jon has the SAME slippers from Publix!!! Well, his are black and are obviously men's, but you get the point. How funny! Love the picture of your dog. You're going to be the cutest mom. :)

  2. Um...did you stage the picture or did you just happen to have your camera that close to the dishwasher?