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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Finally...a blog post

Well - I would start at the beginning...but I'm not sure where that would be. So I'll start from what I can last remember...
Friday night - one week ago...Aaron mentions that he has a sore throat
Saturday morning - my mom leaves and heads back to GA
Saturday afternoon Aaron's Dad and family come to visit and help-out
Aaron at this point is confined to the floor sleeping, aching, runny nose - with what seem to be flu-like symptoms. He's quarantined from me and Walker for the entire weekend.
Sunday Aaron's family leaves, heads back to GA
Sunday afternoon...I have been changing diapers, feeding, bathing, and tending to the baby all by myself for what seems like an eternity
Call my mom - seem to be experiencing an emotional (hormonal), i miss my husband, i can't do this anymore, i need help kind-of-moment/breakdown.
Sunday night - about to take a shower - Walker starts crying, sitting on the edge of the bed in next-to-nothing - and my mom appears (in real life) standing in my bedroom door.
She came to the rescue! She fed Walker formula all night so that I could catch-up on sleep and that made such a difference.
I was more than relieved...
Monday morning we packed-up the family and headed to GA for some R&R, extra hands and a chance for Aaron to get well without me losing my mind:)
We came back Thursday night, Aaron had seminary and really couldn't miss another class.
Friday morning we had our first pediatrician appt. Walker weighs 9lb 8oz is 22" long and in the 75th percentile for everything.
So...that's a review of last week...
Walker seems to be a great baby. He still nurses like a champ and only wakes at night to eat. I have been so blessed to have Aaron home and know that it will be so hard when he goes back to work on Monday.

Some things I have noticed about Walker:
his eyes do open!! he's been awake a lot more during the day so i get to see a little more of his personality
when i lay him on my chest he holds his head up and looks around like a little turtle
he loves his daddy. he just looks so intently at his face and is really soothed by him
he loves car rides...and falls asleep anytime we put him in the carrier
he's got a great set of lungs...that's for sure!
I think I hear them now!



  1. welcome to mommyhood! glad you are somewhat surviving...many more emotional/hormonal breakdowns to come, i must warn you :) Walker is such a cutie!

  2. Hang in there! I'm so glad you have your sweet mom and husband for support. Cute pictures, I can't wait to meet that handsome little baby!

  3. Girl what a cutie!! The first two weeks I had Morgan all by myself and Rod had to work. She had jaundice and woke up every 2 hours. We had so much go on during the pregnancy that people were done with us for a while...lol!! So, no food, no help, and total exhaustion. I thought I was going to break down completely. I have never been so tired in my life. Plus when Morgan was born I did not sleep for 3 days straight because I was so excited. I struggled so much that when she finally got here I could not believe that my faith was made sight!
    Girl, what a treasure for your mom to come help! I have not had help with Morgs except occasionally Rods mom. She lives an hour away. What a blessing! It gave me chills to read that there she was standing in the door. The face of Jesus!!! Love you girl!!

  4. Sweet Michele! You are a superMOM! I miss you! Move it on back to GA so I can hold that baby while you catch your ZZZs! And I will bring you casseroles! And a pound cake...I make a mean pound cake.