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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Danielle...this one's for you

Since you called me out and announced that you were "bored with my blog" this post of for you.
I am posting instead of...
eating breakfast
shaving my legs
going for a walk
putting away laundry
and a few other things

Life at the Zakeri household is going well...we're adjusting to a little less sleep but are more in love than ever with our little Walker. He's getting more rolls each day - bigger cheeks and chunky thighs. I could just eat him up and kiss him all over! I just think he's such a DOLL and handsome like his daddy!

Tomorrow he'll be 3 weeks old - an
d like they warned me...the time really does fly by. Aaron went back to work this week - that was sad because I just loved having the extra time with him, but he's been making it home for lunch which is such a nice treat. Walker and I are still quarantined because of the swine flu...the pediatrician recommended that we not get out around school kids, church, or crowded public places for a few more weeks. I think I'm going to go ahead and get the ergo carrier so that we can make it out and about a little more...I've been waiting on the deal of the century...but I don't think it exists!
until next time...

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous9/03/2009

    The carriers like the Ergo are expensive but so worth it. You will use it for years and other carriers really can't compare. I have the Beco Butterfly which is really similar. I was able to get it for a little less because I bought an older model. But yeah... they don't really go on sale. You can find them used though.