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Monday, December 14, 2009

Walker is 4 months old!

a message from Walker:
hey guys - today i turn 4 months old
to celebrate this 1/3 year birthday - i decided to start rolling over from my back to my tummy
my MOST favorite time to roll over is while i'm getting my diaper changed
it makes things so much fun!
i also love to hear myself growl, grunt, coo and squeal
the more noise the better - it's like the more noise i make, the more attention i get.
mom and dad took me to church in georgia yesterday and boy was that fun! there were so many new faces - people were kissing, poking and pulling on me - lots of them smelled like old flowers - but that's ok - i know they were excited to see me.
i also got to stay with mom's friend danielle this weekend. it was so much fun - i rode around the house on their per horse, Meeko, watched the notebook and ate bon-bons - don't tell mom and dad! I really didn't want to go home - danielle and brandon are the best!
i sleep through the night most nights - occasionally i get hungry and i let mom and dad know real quick that i need some food. sometimes they don't come fast enough so i scream a little louder to get their attention.
every night while i'm sleeping, mom and dad "sneak in" to look at me. they think i don't know because i keep my eyes shut the whole time but i know they just love me so much and can't get enough of these cute cheeks. one day last week - dad kissed my cheek so much he left it a little red - those silly ole beards!
i also recently found my thumb - it's pretty cool - and i always have it with me, it never drops on the ground and it tastes just like sugar. it's much easier to chew on than my whole fist...that was a challenge!
tomorrow i go to the doctor for a check-up. mom says i weigh 17.5 pounds now - but what can i say - there's just lots of me to love!
much love -


  1. Seriously Walker you are such a cute baby boy. I hope one day you and Finn can play together. I bet you would have fun! Love-Rachael

    PS-(this is from Finn) Whats up Zackeri, this is Walkup. Hope you can show me the ropes someday since you are a whole month older than me!

  2. Walker is so precious...I could just eat him up!!

  3. I love the picture!!! His note was esp. sweet. You have a good one on your hands, girl!