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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Week in Review

Wow - where has this week gone?
Sunday's shower for Lindsey was great - it was so casual - everyone chatted, ate a lot and got to enjoy being inside and outside! Here's one of the litle arrangements that I put together. My grandmother was over while I was cutting the flowers - and though she didn't "say" she would do it differently - I know she was thinking it! I told her that my flower arrangements would just look different - and wouldn't be as perfect as hers might be:) Here's Dana, Lindsey and me...we have known eachother for forever - and always get a picture made - in this exact order! Dana's Due with #3 in December - otherwise known as the 2009 edition!Here's the 2007 edition - Hayden...don't kill me Dana - I couldn't resist sharing this photo! You know there's some great treasure buried in there!
Aaron's mom is coming in town Thursday night...we have our 4-D ultrasound Friday morning along with my normal 2 week visit! I can't wait for the 4-D. Small prayer request - without too many details, I have been a little "sick" since last Friday and not able to eat much more than Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast - as prescribed by the nurse...so hopefully tomorrow we can figure out what's going on and get rid of it! Walker's moving around so much - and growing...his kicks are still so strong and sweet!
Hopefully I will have 4-D pics to update with on Friday!
Much to Love!


  1. Oh, hopefully your little sickness will pass. That stinks! I got that way a week before I delivered Easton. It was some kind of nasty virus. Anyway, everyone will tell you that it's a sign of labor. IGNORE THEM. It will just stress you out.

    Love the pics of your flower arrangement. It's lovely. :) Oh, and what a hilarious picture of Hayden!

  2. Hate to hear you are sick. Praying for you! Cant wait to see the 4D pictures of Walker!

  3. Hey!! I am so excited to see everyone on here! You look so great! How are you feeling!? When are you due? I am obsessed with your nursery!