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Friday, June 5, 2009

Nursery in Progress...Lots of pics

Well - slowly but surely we have been working on Walker's Nursery. Just lacking a few things - then we'll be all set!
Here's the crib, bumper sheet and crib skirt

Here's the top view - with the sheet and bumper. Donald was a gift from my mom from Disney! He matches perfectly:)

This is the blanket that we are thinking about hanging aboce the crib. It's so sute and would take up a lot of wall space!
This light came from PBK online - for a super-deal! Aaron put it up on Sunday night - and we just love it. It gives off a very soft light in the room.
Here's part of his closet - from newborn to 18 months. These are all the things that haven't been washed yet...not to mention the clothes already in his dresser...
Some things don't have a place yet...like these Willow Tree people. They will most likely go on a shelf (that we are making) but for now they are just hanging out.
These fun frames were a find at Hancock Fabrics. Though the people in them are pretty - they aren't the final frame faces!
Here's a tub full of shelf goodies and other gifts. I think we will hang the planes from the ceiling - maybe in a corner.
This little lamp was another steal from PBK. It was too fun to resist and we needed some extra light in the room
Here's a more to come basket - some wall anchors and rope for the swing shelf we're making, some frames and other random decor.

We are still lacking an upholstered glider. The one we want is too expensive - and the other ones just aren't tall enough. Most of the chairs sit so low to the ground - I think I need a pulley to get out of the chair! This one is my favorite - and it's so comfy...but we'll keep looking! Headed to GA this weekend to throw a shower for Lindsey - hope your weekend is great.



  1. Nursery looks AWESOME!!!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! All of it! Super cute! But...I am partial to sailboats. :)

  3. love the room! we found a recliner that rocks is super comfy for the nursery. just an idea!

  4. Hey! I just read your comment. Don't worry about your dogs at all. It'll take them some time to adjust to the baby and understand that they aren't the center of your universe anymore, but they'll come around. Give it a month or so, and they'll be just as protective over Walker as you and Aaron will be...trust me. They'll get to grow up together, and it will be the sweetest relationship ever. Walker will love looking back on his life with his doggies. :)