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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Pearly!

That's what I've been calling my mom for about the past year. And let me tell you - she's a TREASURE! Here she is with me and my sister at the beach last year...

This year she's at the beach for her birthday! And she deserves it more than anyone! She's one of the most talented hard-working people that I have ever known. She has often been referred to as Friend to the World - you can't meet her with out loving her instantly! She's a proud moma and a soon-to-be proud grandma! She has her own business where she creates the most BEAUTIFUL window treatments, bed coverings and home decor imaginable - and has taught herself every skill that she uses. She can sing, play guitar, style hair, build a house, garden, paint, ride horses, remodel just about anything, loves Jesus with all her heart and most of all she loves her family greatly! (oh and she's single) She's self-less and so inspiring! I am so thankful that I get to call here mom - and best girlfriend! So here's to you Pearly - hope this birthday is a great one!


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