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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

D-O for your B-O

Hey - we all have the potential to get a little stinky - but when I find a good thing - I think it's important to share with good friends. This gets a little personal - but it's good stuff.

There's a lot of info out there related to breast cancer and deodorant. Take it or leave it - but a lot of it makes sense. Our little pits are a very porous area - and we (hopefully) deodorize them daily. So after years of using chemical - strong as ever - smelly fresh deoderant - I decided to make the switch.

First I tried this...
It's an all natural deodorant with a very light scent. I liked it - but found that after a hard day's work - good ole' Jason wasn't workin so hard anymore. Then much to my dismay - I couldn't find it at Target or Wal-mart anymore. (Maybe you can)
So - I then discovered this...

Made by Arm & Hammer - it's another natural deodorant that works even better than the one I tried before. Aaron is using it - and really likes it too. I found it at Publix - but I'm sure that other local stores carry it as well. I would highly recommend it - if you're interested in giving a natural deo a try.

This was totally random - but hey - every little bit counts!

Do you have any "natural" substitutions that you like better? Not just deo - but maybe others you could share with the rest of us?

Hope to hear some!


P.S. for Father's Day - I went with a recordable card with Walker's heartbeat AND a 1-hour massage for Aaron! It was a HIT!! Thanks Josh and Stephanie for the great ideas!


  1. Good info...I never heard that about breast cancer. That seems scary. I'm going to research that right now! I will definitely give Arm & Hammer a try. I know exactly what you mean. :)

    Glad to hear Father's Day went well. For Mother's Day, I gave my mom and MIL a recordable card with Easton laughing. Those are so cool.

  2. of course you would know I have an alternative...we like Tom's Deodorant with Calendula. I love the way it smells and calendula oil has a lot of great benefits for skin especially sensitive underarm areas. There are also variations with yummy lavender and such. You can get it at Whole Foods, sometimes they have coupons for $2.00 off with the displays that is usually when we stock up. Looks like you are becoming a little granola....;-)

  3. Michele thanks for the info!! i am always looking for a natural deo that doesn't cost a million dollars. can't wait to try this!

  4. I have been a fan of Arm & Hammer deoderants for years. All the others break me out and in my search for something that wouldn't break me out (and feeling itchy) I stumbled on Arm & Hammer. I'll try their natural version the next time I buy deoderant. :)

  5. Yay for recordable cards!!!