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Monday, September 8, 2008

A little nervous...

So this is like the first day of school for me...even though I am considered by some as an "adult." Typing this post and deciding what to say is like picking out shoes and an outfit - wondering what everyone will think. Will I be a cool blogger? Silly? Dumb? So pointless that no one cares...then I remind myself - this is my blog - it's ok it people don't think it's "cool" because they don't have to read it. Just like all the blogs that I currently stalk - no one makes me read them - they are just so great I can't stop reading!
In an effort to get this thing off the ground - I will share a picture. I love taking pictures while driving down the road. It seems as though in Birmingham - there are plenty of "attractions" to take photos of! Sometimes I am behind the wheel - and sometimes I am in the pasenger seat begging the driver - "pull a little closer" - "roll down the window"..."I just HAVE to get a picture of that..."
Just in case you were wondering...this dude is "RydinBig." His windows were too dark for me to get a mug shot...but I will take his word for it!


  1. Love it! Go Blogger Go!

  2. Um...there's no doubt your blog will be cool and funny because well, you're cool and funny. And how do I know that you're cool and funny? Because I said so. Welcome to the blogosphere...it's a great place to be!