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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Easter Weekend!

Easter weekend was wonderful this year!  We made a visit to my moms for a couple of days, the only thing missing was Aaron.  Easter is a big weekend at 12Stone so he had to stay behind and work.  

Walker got to spend a lot of time outside and plenty of time with his aunt "goo-goo".  We still have no idea how he got Goo-Goo from Rachel, but it stuck and she doesn't want it to change!

 I don't get many pics with my kids, usually because I'm the one taking the pics, and I tend to criticize every photo of myself.  But I do love seeing pics of us together, since at this point I'm not having to beg them!

 Thumbs-up for the swing.  He thinks he's SO big swinging all by himself.
 My mom's fiance got to come by for a visit.  I thought this pic was so sweet.  These 2 love-birds are something else!  They are absolutely precious together!

 Caleb caught a prize winning bass.  I think he wins the prize for the smallest fish ever caught in the lake!
 Easter morning we headed to the church where I grew up.  I got to stay for the worship service, then Marlee got a little loud and we headed out to the lobby to "listen-in" on the rest.
 We spent the day at my aunt's house, Walker hunted some Easter eggs and Walker passed out a few tender kisses, or "fender kisses" as he likes to call them.

 apparently this was the prize egg!
 giving another "fender kiss"

 Walker did a little redneck swimming in his undies.  I didn't think to bring his trunks, so we just used what we had!  I'm hoping that he will be actually swimming this summer!

 Our friends from Birmingham got to stop by for a visit.  John FINALLY held one of my children.  That's a pretty big deal:)

It was really a great Easter!  I'm thankful that we have the freedom to celebrate the risen Savior on Easter and every day!

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