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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Precious hands...

These are my Moma's hands (pronounced like mama - we just spell it differently) They work hard every day. Sewing, cleaning, painting, computing, driving, planting, texting, calling and cooking. And even on their days "off" they have been know to sew, paint, clean and cook for others. Most of the decor in our home - is on the walls because of these little hands. All the curtains - "hand" crafted by them as well. Even the planters outside were "hand" placed by these hands.
I love those precious little hands. They are tiny - they make my hands look like man hands - and Aaron's look like Goliath hands. But either way - hers are much more talented than mine. And I would venture to say they are more loving as well.
All that to say - "thanks Moma" I hope you know how much you (and your hands) are loved and appreciated, because with your hands and you heart - you have (always) truly blessed us as a family! We love you!
M & A


  1. Wow! What a precious post! SO sweet and loving. You are so much like your Moma that you don't even realize it. Big hug and kiss! Love and miss you bunches!

  2. Anonymous7/28/2009

    You are ALL so good for each other!


  3. UM, I wasn't expecting to cry reading your blog today. Oh well, it actually felt good to have a little cry. Thanks for sharing such sweet words for the world to read.