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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Delivery Disclaimer

i don't intend to be ugly. and though i use "you" - this post is not directed to you...
it's my blog and i just need to get this out.
so here goes...
Goal #1: Deliver a healthy baby Walker into the world
Goal #2: Experience a natural childbirth

there's no trophy, there's no certificate, no pat on the back, and no cash prize. i realize that - completley
i am of the mindset that the miracle has already happened. there's a little human that grew from 2 cells that's now moving, swallowing, having the hiccups, kicking, smiling and sleeping - upside down and under water in my tummy. i've got nothing to prove.

HELLO..what could top the miracle that God has created in this new life?
certainly no 24 hour labor exerience could be more important than this?
certainly the method to which Walker is delivered couldn't trumph the miracle of creation?
certainly 9 months of growth and development wouldn't be overshadowed by 2 days in the hospital?

I don't know why - but something deep inside me wants to experience a natural childbirth. Can i do it? Who knows, but why would you discourage someone about something that they desire - especially when it has not direct affect on you? Are marathon's hard? triathalons? intervews? marriage? heartache? work? life? yeah - those are hard too - but we still do them, give them a try - have a chance at completing them.

it would be nice to hear more often than not some encouragement about childbirth, maybe a "i'll be praying for you guys on that day" instead of a "i'll give you one hour of hard labor and that's all you can do" or a "yeah - good luck with that you'll be beggin' for an epidural"
it's like if you said, 'i have a big interview today - i'm so nervous but i feel prepared and i really think i can get this job" and i replied, "yeah right - you're going to clam-up, make a fool of yourself - and end-up crawling out the door - you'll never land that job"

so all that to say - if you think about us - over the next week or so - will you pray that while we are laboring and delivering by choice in a very tecnhologically advanced hospital - with every type of drug, intervention, or surgery capability that could be necessary at our disposal, that no matter the delivery method that we take that we could deliver a healthy baby boy? That's not too much to ask right?

and also - THANKS - for all the encouragement, kind words, advice, prayers and support over the past 9 months - it DOES stand out above the negative and it does make a difference. We are more excited than ever to meet Walker and begin this new season in our lives!


  1. We will definitely be praying for you! I don't think it is a crazy desire at all, in fact, I have the same one (of course, I have to get pregnant first)! Anyways, the more people you tell then the more accountability you will have. I have heard that if you want to deliver naturally then you should try to labor as long as you can at home first. Also, commit some passage of Scripture to memory with Aaron so you can focus on that together on the big day! You will do great!!! Can't wait to hear about all about it:)

  2. I love you, Aaron and Walker. I am so very proud of you. Can't wait to see you all very soon.

  3. Good luck you can do it. I chose to have an epidural and it didn't work and I made it. I'll be totally honest in the moment I said I would never do it again but when it's all said in done with a couple hrs of pain is worth the beautiful reward you get. If you stick you mind to it you can do it...don't give up b/c it will be over before you know it. I'll be praying for you.

  4. Hey Michelle,
    We did both our births natural and loved the experience. I personally think childbirth drugs and the today's unnecessary c-section rates are very scary! However, it took a lot of preparation. I will say the key to a natural birth, other than preparation (education and practice), is to labor at home as long as possible. Getting to the hospital a few minutes to a few hours before is a key strategy! Email or FB me if you want more info on what preparation/book(s)were helpful! I will definitely be praying for y'all, you can totally do it.

  5. girl...you CAN do it! and if our good Lord who KNOWS BEST sees fit to have some cool technology thrown in there, well that's fine too. marah just wants a healthy boyfriend, you remember that. :o) praying for y'all!!!!!!!!!!!! so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm obsessively checking your blog. cause that's the first thing any new parent is thinking of.

  6. I can't wait for you to experience the great joy of giving birth!

  7. Jennifer Everson7/30/2009

    Hey Michele,
    I know nothing about giving birth, so I have no advice to give. I'll just be praying that you have a safe and peaceful delivery, whatever the means may be. When my day comes, I too would like to at least try and give birth naturally and I hope that people will be supportive. If you're successful, great, if not, that's okay too. Like you said, the miracle has already happened and the rejoicing isn't going to be that you were able to give birth naturally - its going to be over that beautiful little boy! Good luck :) You guys are in my thoughts and prayers!

  8. I have full confidence that you can do it! I will be praying for you :) Cannot wait to see Walker!