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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Let's get excited...and hand-made

We're excited...can you tell?
tonight we got a chance to hang out with the college students at Hunter Street - they are a lot of fun! We grilled out, (they) played sand volleyball, we played cards and danced to silly music. There was much fun to be had! I was most impressed when I arrived at the church to see Aaron wearing this... For a guy that doesn't like stripes, bright colors or plaid - it cracked me up to see him in the full Tommy Bahama Luau spirit! He even broke out the white shorts:) Very impressive babe!

Onto hand made - not by my hands of course - because I can barely make the bed...much less any of these precious items. The painting below is by Emily - one of my discipleship girls - I think I've shared it before - but I just wanted to point it out again. She gave it to us right after we decided on the name - it goes perfectly in the nursery!

Aaron came home tonight with this little gift from someone at the church. She hand-made this sweet burp cloth. It's so cute I'm not sure that I even want to get it dirty...it should be more of a decoration!
My high school friend that now lives in Indiana, Mary at TheSchwamishLife, sent me this hand-made nursing cover. Every edge is perfectly trimmed and sewn - she's a mom of 2 and still managed to make this special gift for us! I just LOVE the fabric and can't wait to use it!
This Boppy Cover is something that I bought from Etsy from DaisyK.
I got to pick my own fabric, stripes and minky - she hand-made it and shipped it within the week. I priced it out - and it was actually the same price or less as one from Target or BabiesRUs after tax and everything! It's SO soft and came wrapped with care instructions, cute tissue paper and ribbon - I think I'll be giving some of these as gifts I love mine so much!
Stripe Side:
Minky Side:
Thanks for all your sweet comments and advice today! That really means a lot - I even got several super-helpful e-mails that I plan on studying more as Walker's arrival gets closer!
We made our "phone list" tonight - we'll see how far we make it down the list once labor starts...but if all else fails - I do hope to at least twitter a little between contractions (note the word "hope") which links to facebook and the blog. Hope your weekend is great! If it's not raining Saturday I plan to chill for a bit at the pool!! Might as well enjoy it while I can!


  1. Oh my gosh...has Cory been giving Aaron fashion advice? If you've seen the honeymoon pics on facebook you'll notice Cory only packed this type of outfit!! He was in the beach spirit!!! Love you!

  2. That painting is too cute!

  3. I just wanted to say "thank you" for your wonderful praise of the nursing pillow cover you bought from my Etsy store. Thanks for the link too! Hopefully your little boy arrives soon and easily. :) Thanks so much!