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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Calling All Moms...

Hi - any moms out there? Current or future?
How many strollers might one child need?
We have essentially registered for 3.
The Chicco Travel System (with carseat)
The Baby Trend Jogging Stroller (obtained)
The Combi Umbrella stroller (reclines)

Did you or do you use the stroller that came with your carseat? Or would the other 2 be sufficient? Too much to choose from and trying to be practical here. Any bit of advice would be super:)



  1. Hmmm...that's a tough one. I only have one, and I can seriously count on one hand how many times I've used it. I use my carrier all the time and love it. Sometimes I wish I had a jogging stroller, but I probably wouldn't really use it as I'm not really using my current one. All the ones you've registered for are way cute, and if you'll probably get some use out of all of them. The question is: do you have room for them? We don't really have a lot of storage space in our house, so it's kind of a pain. I can't imagine what it would be like to store three strollers! Just think about it. :)

  2. here's my 2 cents:
    you want the one that comes w/ carseat for when walker is itsy bitsy b/c you can't put him in the jogging or umbrella stroller yet. the jogging stroller is great for any outdoor activity, the wheels last a lot longer / endure more. i don't have an umbrella stroller, but i have many mom friends who keep it in the trunk of the car at all times as it's the smallest and easy to have on hand for a trip to the store, unexpected activity, etc.

  3. We had a traditional stroller that held the car seat and a jogging stroller with Jedi bear. We used the jogging stroller the most by far. If you are going to go on lots of walks or be outdoors you definitely want to hold onto that. We rarely used the traditional stroller. Most places you run errands such as the grocery store and target you can just stick their car seat in the cart. I agree with the storage consideration because all your baby gear will start to take up some serious space! Have you considered getting an Ergo Baby Carrier? They work really well with newborn babies and all the way up into toddlerhood. We have used ours too many time to mention, it's a great way to carry your baby around in not so stroller friendly places such as the county fair.

  4. Hey, I do have 3 strollers. Good advice I read is...think about what you would use a stroller for - if you are one to go to the mall or paved areas a lot, then a travel system type stroller is for you. We didn't get that and did fine with just the snap-n-go stroller for the infant car seat then a jogging stroller for everything else. I did get a $10 umbrella stroller from walmart that I used in the airport and a total of 5 times maybe.

    Okay, have to go b/c Darrell is making fun of how long this comment looks from across the room :)

  5. y'all are so smart! I think the only one I will debate about is the system stroller...hmmmm...

  6. hey Michele, we didn't get a jogging stroller... not sure why, I guess just because they are so expensive and we didn't know if i would use it since i quit running while i was pregnant. We have used the system stroller like crazy. it works fine everywhere, I go on a lot of walks with madeline with it, and just run by myself when I have someone to watch her. We love having the umbrella stroller when we travel and dont have a lot of space in the car. It isn't the most comfortable, but works great. But I wouldn't recommend buying a nice one, we got ours for free at babies r us when they had some type of sale... it is really cheap but gets the job done!

  7. ginny bowen7/11/2009

    Hey you, I say you definitely need something you can take your car seat out of and snap it into, whether it be a travel system combo or a snap and go. You dont want to have to take your sleeping baby out of the car seat every time you get out of the car--sleep is gooooooooooooood :)! It's really nice and convenient to take the whole thing out and snap it into the stroller/snap and go. Another thought...you can get a jogger at babyjogger.com that you are able to snap a car seat into. I have a friend that has one and it is light weight and not a bulkey as most joggers...but good quality and the carseat snaps into it-- nice and snug and safe.if you are interested ill get all the info! love

  8. I don't have any kids so that is my disclaimer, but if you are going to get the baby trend jogger...they have a jogger with car seat system made by baby trend..so that would give you the infant car seat with the jogger, then you dont have to buy the chicco set?!? just a thought

  9. Lets see...I dont run so I definitely didn't need a jogging stoller. But I did use my travel system like crazy. Like the person said before you don't want to wake a sleeping baby to get them out of the car. I never got an umbrella stroller but wish I had one on many occasions. Even a cheap one will do. There are times when you need a smaller stroller when they can sit up. Like going to an appointment running into a store. Good luck

  10. So I'm a little behind the dates on leaving this, but as far as strollers go... a travel system is a travel system. They're all the same. You need one since the baby sleeps so much and it's easier to maneuver them around in a carrier. Averee hated her carrier from the beginning however, so as soon as she could sit up, I bought a Joovy Kooper stroller which I am in love with! Strollers like that are easier to pack up, but you wont be needing one until Walker gets a little bigger.