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Friday, July 17, 2009

1:57a.m...shouldn't I be sleeping?

Well - it's 1:57 a.m. central time - and though I should be, need to be and want to be sleeping - it just ain't happening right now. I just can't go to sleep. So - since I have been quarantined at work this week - and too exhausted after work to participate in blogging activities - I thought now would be a good time to update!
I got a lot of great stroller advice - thanks for the input!
Last weekend we were thrown a shower in GA - and we really got some great goodies for the baby. A lot of the essentials - and then some sweet little clothes, bibs and such - I would post pics now - but there's not a chance of me finding the camera in the dark!
We are in the midst of a sales project at work - I'm not sure what the weekly total was - but I know at the end of the day Monday - I had placed 156 calls to local businesses to attend a seminar with us next week. WOW - let me just say - telemarketing is NOT my thing - and for brief moments - I was wishing to be sick, go into labor of find some way to go home and not come back. Fortunately today was our last "phone day" until next week when we have to meet these people and "close" them after the seminars...still praying for an "out" but with my luck - I'll be there till the bitter end - along with everyone else!
I had a doc appt. this week. Everything went well - it was a little "invasive" to say the least - but Walker's doing well - still measuring 2 weeks ahead just like he has all along. Come Monday - I will be 3 weeks out from the due date - which is just SO hard to believe!
My mom, sister and grandmother were planning a visit this weekend - to help with some last minute baby preparations and for a shower that we are having on Sunday. So I get home from work - with all intentions of going to the store - to prepare for their stay - Aaron meets me outside and says to come in and change before we leave...and Wah-Lah - there they are hiding in the bedroom - they came a day early as a surprise! They will be here through Sunday and I'm so excited to get some extra time with them. Hopefully by the time they leave - we will have the nursery finished, decorated and a few other household decor things taken care of. I can't wait to post pics of the nursery...I think it's going to turn out really cute!
Here's a few pics from our 4th of July vacay with Aaron's family...we spent 1/2 a week in Destin, FL - and it was a much needed get away!
Here's Aaron with 2 guys from church that were vacationing at the same time as we were - they were flexin' for us before they went to the beach!
And here I am - with Katy and Chelsea - we decided to chill at the pool while the boys were gone.This would be a vacation MUST...
Me and my sweetie - this was my fav pic from the trip
Aaron with his mom on the balcony of our condo
Vacation's never long enough - but I am thankful to have gone - and I'm still trying my hardest to hold every bit of tan possible!
I think I'll try to get some sleep now...this was rather therapeutic though!
Thanks for giving me an outlet!


  1. Looks like such a fun trip. Super cute picture of you and Aaron, I agree!

  2. jealous. i heart the beach. fun pics!

  3. I've missed you this week! Cute pics. I love that one of you and Aaron, too. You can't sleep because you're so EXCITED. You're going to have a little bundle before you know it! :)