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Monday, July 20, 2009

Any Diaper Subscribers?

Quick question...
Do you...
Do you know anyone...
or did you ever...
Subscribe for diapers through Amazon.com

If so or if not - what's the best way to buy diapers - save the most money. Currently I'm not a diaper snob - I think I will use whatever works - but there's just so much info out there on the most cost effective way to buy diapers - and they can't all be right.
Any help would be awesome!
Prayer Request - Our friends and neighbors, Lisa and Stephen just had their 2nd little boy and he's spending a few days in the NICU. If you would lift them up in your prayers that wouls be awesome!
Also - the nursery is finished and i have a ton-o-pics to post. Hopefully I will have time to post tonight!
I will leave you with this picture of my grandmother in Express...posing as a mannequin! Check-out her outfit:)


  1. I would wait until the baby comes...I perfered pampers over others b/c some seemed to leak more than others. Check out Sam's Club they have good deals on diapers and formula. Just depend on the kind you like. I've also used the Costco brand diapers and liked those as well.

  2. We've never subscribed to diapers, but it sounds like a good idea. I prefer Pampers as well. Huggies are good, too, but I like the softness and smell of the Pampers. We were given Babies R' Us brand in a diaper cake, but those were awful! Easton leaked out of them every time. I would wait until the baby comes, too. See what works for you guys. Boys are different than girls, so sometimes it's hard when diapers work for a friend or neighbor but don't work for you. You'll find out soon enough. :) Just stock up on the diapers they give you at the hospital! We brought an extra duffel bag with us and took home EVERYTHING.

  3. We never subscribed for diapers, but always signed up for the coupons offered with each brand. With Addison, I used pampers religiously...they were great. Then when she was older, I used Luvs because they were cheaper, and did really well absorbing. I, too have used Costco brand diapers with Quenton, and they worked really well, they are imitation Huggies...which is the other diaper I use with Quenton. I like the Huggies much better with boys. Thinking of you as your due date approaches!!!!

  4. we used pampers at the beginning, but then moved over to huggies... they just fit madeline better. But, you can't go wrong with one of those brands. we have found that if you check the coupon websites (southernsavers is my fav), then you can find awesome deals and stock up. I think walgreens had huggies for sale for $5 one time, and I bought about a million packs. they did a special with coupons, walgreens dollars, and an in-store sale. I think if you do it this way, they are even cheaper than cloth diapers!

  5. Anonymous7/20/2009

    I say pampers swadlers are the best for baby boys...everything else leaked with canaan...love you! CALL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! g to the bizzle

  6. We thhought about the subscribing, and buying cloth and just washing. ME being preemie and tiny. She had to wear preemie diapers for a long time and they don't hold squat. I still had to change and wash all day long. But according to Aaron yesterday, baby Walker is twice as big as ME was when she was a month old... You can get regular size diapers and they hold a lot. Now I don't mean let them sit in it all day long, I just mean ... well, I don't want to get gross.

    We got a diaper genie, which is great when you are going through 1-3 diapers an hour. And when she reached full term size, we started buying diapers in bulk at sams. It seems like I preferred huggies the best. Can't remember why.