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Monday, February 18, 2013

Re-Purposing an Old Quilt

My friend Donna had 2 old quilt toppers that had always been in her family.  They really held no monetary value but a TON of sentimental value.  As she wrote about on her blog  "I toted this pile to several people who declared it unable to be saved." 
Poor little quilt toppers.  When I saw them I saw SO MUCH POTENTIAL!  They were hand stitched, falling apart, faded and worn but they were SO beautiful.  Nothing you could ever purchase, replace or make yourself.  So initially, Donna wanted a table runner...just a table runner.  OK - I can work with that!  So a few months later here's what I re-purposed for her!

A fleece backed blanket for the foot of the bed or just to cuddle up under
 A hanging platter coated with some chalkboard paint
 a 5x7 frame modge podged with some scraps
 a sweet tote for with some shabby ruffles and twisted flowers
 A linen wrapped canvas with a covered letter
 THREE table runners
 and a new Camera Strap Cover
It was SO exciting to be able to make so many fun things out of those quilt toppers.  When all was said and done there were just a few little scrap squares leftover.  I think Donna is going to have some hair bows made out of the rest (that's totally not my area).  Check out her blog post to see how she put some of these little quilted items to use.  I'm so thankful that she trusted me with this little project:) 

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