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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Adventures in St. Simons

A week or so ago, Aaron whisked me away on a mini trip to St. Simons.  I think he saw that this Mama was nearing her breaking point at home with 2 lovely children and just needed a little time away.  (there I said it, I NEED to spend some time away from my children!)  We left on a Thursday, made a pit stop for dinner in Savannah, stayed the night in St. Simons and headed back on Friday.  Thank you Groupon for affording us this swell opportunity!

Here are just a few photos from our little getaway.  I realized as we were packing that I hadn't even brought out my camera the WHOLE month of January.  What in the world, I blame it on reading some depressing articles about how newbie photographers are annoying and "ruining" the professional photography industry.  I'm ridiculous, I know!  

 We stayed at The Village Inn & Pub.  It was so nice and quaint!  Most of all, I loved our little room, it was nothing like a traditional hotel, but was warm and inviting.  And best thing...there was NO alarm clock on Friday morning!

Note taken...

 Does this count as "toes in the sand"  I'll take it!
We visited Christ Church Frederica.  Last time I was here I sat in the car with Marlee (5 weeks old).  So it was nice to get out, walk around and take in some of the history that the church has to offer.   
 They also had some BEAUTIFUL flowers in bloom which was a very welcome February surprise.


We took a walk around the Stables of Frederica as well.  I have always loved being around horses and this barn was absolutely gorgeous.  Next time I'd love to ride horses on the beach...HOW DREAMY!  

Thanks St. Simons for having us!  It was truly a wonderful time!

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