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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I left my phone in the car

I'll be the first to admit, I use my phone a lot.  Probably too much, but - I guess that's just something I need to work on.  We ventured out to the park this weekend.  Walker calls it the walking park because typically he has to sit in the stroller while I walk (haven't done that in a while - making one more thing that I need to work on!)  So...as we were all unloading out of the car, I grabbed my phone, then decided  to just stash it in the console instead.  Tough decision right?  I mean what would I do for an hour without instagram, facebook, google, email, imessage, and who knows what else that I might need to access from my phone (a call maybe)??  I had read this post from a mom in the MOPS group that I used to be a part of and after seeing the picture she posted of her family with all the technology photo bombers in the background, I can't help but think of how much I don't want that to be me.  It really got me thinking.

I grabbed my real camera instead and I will just say that it was like an hour of freedom.  No distractions from seeing my family play, laugh, run, and just enjoy each other.  I got to take pictures, interact and engage with my kids, run, throw the ball and frisbee, witness an old fashioned stick fight just take in something special.  It seriously was so freeing.  It really challenged me to do that more often because I realized what I am missing by always having my phone to lean on.  And who would want to miss a few little adventures with this bunch:)

Here are a few of our fun moments.

 This stick fight was for real - can't you see the fear on Aaron's face?

 Me and the kids - I like to hide as much of me behind them as I can.
 Walker creating his own walk/dance.  Could be a youtube sensation one day - ya never know:)

 Crack kills buddy.  I just couldn't resist!
 I feel like singing "in the ghetto" when I see this.  Somehow her pant leg ends up like this a lot...in the ghetto!
So here's to more fun and less phone.   Maybe it will last, and maybe it will just help me to enjoy more of the day to day with my people and not be so engrossed with everyone else's online lives...including my own!

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