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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Old Kid Kitchen Made New

In 1961, My Papa built a kitchen for his 2 little girls.  He had a third one on the way (my mom), but I'm not sure if he knew that yet!  He painted it Tiffany blue, added old oven knobs, a genuine faucet, old hinges and towel bars.  

Three little girls played with this kitchen all through the 60's.  I myself have fond memories of this little kitchen from my childhood as well. Sometime in the 90's, My aunt got the kitchen and "remodeled it".  She added lots of flowers, and designs and for the next several years, my cousin, Grace used this as her little kitchen.

Fast forward, 2012, our little Marlee is turning one and I thought it would be really special to have this kitchen for her!  My mom dug it out of a storage barn and brought it to the cellar for another remodel!

You can see it had been sitting for a while.  

 Original faucet, I would LOVE to know how old this really is.

 Papa hand painted "1961" on the back.  I'm guessing he didn't have a ton of powertools so I can imagine that most of this was done with his precious hands, every last detail is so sweet to me.
 We cleaned the kitchen up really well, sanded it down (my aunt used LOTS of paint -- love you Leslie)  added an oven window and handle and gave it a fresh coat of paint voila!  It looks just like new.

Marlee has enjoyed playing with it and in it too!  I have caught her several times crawling in and out of the cabinet doors.
 The sink is a work in progress.  It's an odd size so we currently have an oven pan in it.
I wish my Papa could know that my sweet babies are using that little kitchen that he built 51 years ago, I know he would be so proud.

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