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Monday, November 19, 2012

A very wonderful, very eventful trip to Callaway Gardens

A few weekends ago I planned a little weekend getaway to Callaway Gardens with one of my dearest friends, Becky.  She lives in Birmingham, AL so we decided on a half-way point, found a travelzoo deal and moved heaven and earth to meet up!

Upon arrival, we were shown to our room.  It was awful.  Motel style.  6 ft ceilings.  Smelly.  Old.  Nothing like what the pictures advertised.  So after a few phone calls...we were upgraded to a cottage.  2 beds, kitchen, fireplace, porch, much more like what we were expecting.  So THANKFUL!

Here's Becky with her luggage...lots of it!  
We headed out for a nice dinner and it went about like this:
Becky gets sick at the restaurant
I eat my dinner and part of hers
we head to Family Dollar for meds
Becky gets sick on the side of the road on the way back to the cottage
she crashes in the bed and sleeps for many, many hours!
 Friday was a new day!  We head into town for some antique shopping, lunch and touring.  It was so nice.  Very laid back, no schedule, no whining, no cutting up food into little bits, just freedom!  We found this lovely little place to eat lunch called Bon-Vivant.  YUMMY!  It was the perfect spot, lots of charm and delicious food.
 I want this ceiling!

We went in every little store that we could find.  I found an old coca-cola crate, some mason jars, an old shopping basket and a shelf, all antique and for a great price of course!  

 Here we are in front of one of the shops - I love these huge glass doors.
Why do I have my hands in my pockets?  Such a dork.
 nice random people were kind enough to take our picture
 We made a stop off at The Little White House.  We didn't go through because there was an admission charge, so we just had a restroom break and took some pics.

 We stopped off for some boiled peanuts, oddly enough they came out of a plastic cooler.  Oh well, they were still tasty.

Friday night we headed out for dinner at Callaway.  Lots of fun and too much good food.  
 We came back, built a fire and just relaxed.  Until I started throwing up...
 went to bed, woke up, threw up some more...blah blah blah.
We had planned a tree-top adventure, wasn't going to happen...no bike riding, no canoeing
Becky drove us around the gardens until finally in knew I had to get home...or else someone was going to have to pick me up off the side of the interstate.

We did have an AWESOME trip.  But how is it that 2 moms who see each other once or twice a year, plan a getaway and end up sicky-sick!!!  Come to find out - her little boy was the culprit of the stomach bug.  Oh well, we still love you, Foster!

I came home and stayed in bed for another day.  Aaron quarantined me away from the kiddos so everyone else could stay well.  I would LOVE to go back and do all the things that we had planned, but I am so thankful for the time that we had!

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