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Friday, October 12, 2012

Food, Feet and Flowers - our trip to Asheville, NC

I hope that food, feet and flowers don't bother you, because if you read on, you're guaranteed to see some!  Road warrior Aaron and I had the opportunity to take a trip to The Cove in Asheville, NC for the BGEA My Hope Training.  What an awesome opportunity it was to meet some new people, learn about the My Hope project and just get away for a few days!

As you can see, I was the designated DJ on the drive up.  (can someone please tell me why on earth my toes have such huge gaps between them?  The pedicure people don't even put those spacer things on my feet because they are so crazy!  which btw - pedicures happen about once a year around here!)

 We were planning on staying off-site at the Holiday Inn, and at the last minute, there was a cancellation...for a SUITE...at THE COVE...including a REMOTE CONTROLLED FIREPLACE!

 (more feet)
 Our meals were delicious!  Every single one was so different and tasty!

 world's biggest fireplace!
 These flowers and decorations were SO pretty!  I wanted to snag some of these mums to take home to the cellar!  I wouldn't mind having the bear to put outside either!

 Here we are trying to FaceTime with our kiddos.  How crazy that we had ZERO cell service but were able to video chat with no problem, thanks to WiFi!

 Before we headed home, we got to take a little tour of the chapel.  It was absolutely beautiful!  The pictures inside tell so many stories of Billy Graham, his missions and ministry and how many lives he has touched for Christ.  Seriously some will bring you to tears.  
 Here's the inscription in Ruth's headstone.  What a testimony of The Gospel!
 Inside the Chapel
 testing the lighting...
 photo courtesy of the self-timer and gate post leading out of the Chapel
 Mr. Road Warrior
 We HAD to make a stop at Zoe's before heading back home.  If you've never had Zoe's, I suggest you find one and try it out.  If I had access to $400K, I'd open one up very close to home!!  It's one of our favorites!
We had an awesome time on our little get-away.  Being kid free for a couple of days in an environment like this was very refreshing! 


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