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Thursday, October 11, 2012

A second - 1st Birthday Celebration!

Here are the pics from Marlee's second-1st Birthday Celebration.  It was a fun little get-together with family right outside our cellar!

I made these little pants for Marlee just for this special day - of course when I put them on her they were an entire ruffle too long so I just cut the bottom ruffle off and threw it away.  I guess that's not a secret anymore! 

 I just love this little smirk. 

 the youngins' in the family

 Marlee's smash cake and the "eating cake".  I bought the white cake mix at Aldi and used the add jello recipe that was on the back of the box.  The icing is from this recipe and the letters are using this technique.  Don't judge me because the letters in that tutorial are PERFECT and mine are far from it!

 our family picture - this is the best we could do. Oh well.  

 there was a football game on - and of course the guys found a way to watch it.  
 After the birthday girl went to bed, Walker told us to all close our eyes because he needed to read us a Bible story.  I love it that his Bible is usually the first book that he wants to read to people and share.
 Yaddi and Walker saying their goodbyes.  we asked Walker how much he loved Yaddi - he answered, "sho-sho-sho much"

We had an awesome time celebrating Marlee.  It's really a joy to be surrounded by family and friends that help us love on our little doll

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