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Monday, October 22, 2012

Buford Corn (box) Maze

Last week we headed to the Buford Corn Maze with some friends.  There was plenty to do and very few people to share the "attractions" with so we had a lot of the place to ourselves.  The crowd favorite was the Corn Box!  I seriously think the kids would have stayed there for hours and hours!

We took a break from all the "corn fun" and headed over to a small petting zoo and bounce house.  The kids were fascinated with the pigs (as were the grown-ups).


 Walker's face here is a little creepy but it's just an expression of joy, excitement and freedom I guess!
 Marlee was obviously having an empty snack trap emergency.  We remedies that REAL fast with a nice picnic under the pavilion!
 Do you notice all the little bits of cut-up food...we are professionals here people!
 Cooper decided to show off his muscles.  I think he's been doind P90X with mom and dad...
 so natural...right?
 And in an effort to compete with Cooper, Marlee held this incredible plank position for 3 whole seconds!  And no, her parents have not been doing P90X!
 just showing off her abs...
 Here are the littles in the gang!  Marlee is screaming her head off...apparently she didn't want to be the sheep.
 AK and her sweet mama.

 fall favorite!
 after an eventful hay ride we headed back over to the corn box, for more fun. 

 Cooper wins "favorite photo of the day" contest.  I just love this pic of that sweet boy!
 This one too if his sister, Amelia
Bright and Fun!

 Marlee is going in for some PDA, I don't think Cooper minded.
 All 5 kiddos.  We are 3 blessed mamas!
Where's the maze you're asking.  We didn't attempt that.  Did you think we had lost our minds or something?  If you're close by you should check out the Buford Corn Maze.  It's affordable fun, you can take a picnic and there's plenty to do to keep your little people entertained!

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  1. Your kiddos are so cute! And the corn box looks like loads of fun!