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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mom Share - Entertaining Baby

Hello there - I'm looking for some advice, ideas and tips. How do you entertain your kids (aroung 1 yr)? I know there are things I could be doing with Walker that I just don't think about. I always want to spend time with him doing things that are fun - but that are also helping him grown and develop. Any ideas, anything that your baby loves to do, any cool toys that you have, games, activities? Can you share with a comment? Maybe other moms will benefit too!!

Walker would GREATLY appreciate it!



  1. Ok, I'm gonna share some things and hopefully get some ideas from other people, too. :)
    Coloring with crayons or a pen, play-dough, painting with watercolors, using a water table or just filling a pan or wagon with water and bath toys, playing with rice or beans with different size bowls and spoons/scoops (this one entertains Emery for a LONG time but makes a mess), painting with whip cream/yogurt, sidewalk chalk, puppets, flashlight games in the closet, bubbles in the kitchen sink, anything outside (sandbox, slide, push toy), and giving them pots & pans to bang on.
    And there's always Gymboree, Little Gym, Kindermusik, swimming lessons, playgroups (try meetup.com), or (my fave) library storytimes. We also do parks, zoos, Barnes n Noble (train table), Petsmart, Monkey Joe's, Children's Museum, mall playground.
    I like the book Unplugged Play for good ideas that don't involve tv. You can check your library for books on toddler activities or toddler games.

  2. Hey Michele,
    I have been waiting for Finn to walk so I could take him here:


    A lot of moms I know said its so much fun for the kids! Do you work on Fridays? Maybe we could meet and take the boys together? :)

  3. Those are some awesome ideas! Thanks for sharing!! Rach - we should plan a trip one Friday - I would love to go to the Childrens Museum too!

  4. Great ideas! Also, paintbrush and bucket of water on the driveway for some 'painting'. Anything with water outside during these (hopefully) fleeting days of summer...

    Also, INK is great - it is half price the first Tuesday of every month which makes it more affordable. I haven't gone on a first Tuesday yet (it's homeschool day) but I'll go for half price anytime.