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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Looking for an SUV

Just so you know - in case you know anyone selling their SUV - We are looking for one.

2003 4 Runner
2003+ Tahoe
2005 Pathfinder
2003+ Xterra

And we needed it as of 4:00pm today. (it's a good thing - we sold my car!)

The Growing Zakeri Family:)


  1. Good luck! You should try craigslist, we found a great deal on there! Hope you are still feeling great and enjoying pregnancy!

  2. YAY!! I would sale you mine but it is a 99 4runner. ;)
    girl get an suv now before your man wants a van!! lol. Rod keeps trying to say I am not in submission over the van...he is right. I don't think God is calling me to be a van mom.

  3. SUV? You should totally get an Odessey.

  4. Anonymous5/07/2009

    The guy I work with wants to sell his 4-runner. I think it is an 04 though. it is in emmaculate condition though. they leased it and the lease is up now and he wants to sell it to pay it off. interested? i can get more info! you need a mini-van, though! haha how much are you looking to spend? from: Deana