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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Growing and Changing

This post is more for me to look back on than anything. To mark a memory of my family. To remember Walker growing and changing, learning and loving. 

In the last few weeks I have really watched Walker grow. I think he's gotten taller, stronger, a little thicker and just looks more and more like a young boy every day. 

In just a few short weeks I have watched him learn to swim, grow a little more protective over his sister, show interest in reading and he has even started saying his "L's". It's like I knew he wouldn't go on forever saying words like, yook, yibary, yuv, yizard and Marnee, but I'm not sure I was quite ready for the change!  He started with a few words and the "L's" just keep growing. Tonight he called his sister "marLee" and it literally out a knot in my throat. What's wrong with me!!!

He's been brave lately, super inquisitive, and eager to learn new things. He even goes to the counter at Moe's and asks for more chips all by himself. 
He's been more loving to his sister, doesn't want to see her hurt, crying, or upset at all. He consoles her and advocates for her all the time. He's her spokesman for most things. 
He took on the challenge to swim and was like a little fish. I watched his lips quiver to fight back the tears when he was tired but he was so strong and brave. He made me so very proud. He stayed with it until the very end and completed all the tasks that Mrs. Nan gave him. 
He told me today that he was a leader and that he would hold the door opened for me (even though it was automatic). He was THRILLED over every book he picked out and told the librarian he was going to learn to read today...so she taught him to read the word "up"

Tonight I listened to him tell Aaron at bedtime that he loved God, Jesus, mama, daddy and Marlee and it just warmed my heart.  He asked me to rock him with Marlee and so there at the end of a long day I rocked both of my babies and thanked Jesus for the grace to make it through a other day and for the blessing of my children. 

There are A LOT of days that I don't think I'll survive raising these kids. They are wild, disobedient. They pitch fits, hit, throw and scream. They make dinner seem like purgatory and both have very strong wills. However like a good friend told me today, they are teaching me to be more like Jesus. Because I MUST be more like him to be their mama. 

Some people ask what do you hope most for your children. Years ago I would have answered that they would be kind, compassionate, loving, hard working...and so forth and so on. But Aaron taught me something different. He (and I) desire most that our children don't know a day without Christ. That there wouldn't be a day that they don't remember walking with him.  

So thankful for these gifts and the opportunity to come alongside them as they grow!

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  1. Love this post! Feel the same way... His mercies are new each morning... despite how my daughter or her mother may have behaved the day before! I can remember a day before I knew the love of our Father and I completely agree with you, I never want Joy to know a day without Him! Thanks for this lovely reminder!