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Monday, June 10, 2013

An Incredible Opportunity!

When I lived in Locust Grove, I was looking for ways to get involved with other moms in the area.  I googled the closest MOPS group, filled out the contact form and within a few hours, someone contacted me back.  Her name was Tate, she was super helpful, welcoming and made it very easy to come visit!  Tate was the MOPS leader that year, and I also learned that she was a photographer.  After getting to know her a little more, friending her on Facebook and seeing her AMAZING work, we scheduled a family photo session with her.  Tate was so fun to work with, she was great with Walker and the pictures turned out better than I could have ever hoped.  

I have always admired Tate for her faith, her grace and her work (Taken by Tate).  I don't think she's ever posted a picture that wasn't absolutely amazing!  She is a bit of a "photographer idol" for me:)  So when she asked me to assist her for a wedding I was SHOCKED!  I could not believe that I might have the opportunity to see Tate work, learn from her and spend the day with her doing what she's passionate about!  

I had my typical nervous/anxiety dreams the night before, this time it was that we were supposed to perform a play at the wedding and I didn't know any of my lines!  Who performs plays at weddings anyways!?!?  Last time it was that I left my camera at home and had to shoot the entire wedding with my phone!

I wasn't even planning on taking any photos, I was just prepared to soak it all in, carry the clipboard, gather people for pics and straighten the dress.  I did get the chance to snap some pictures though!  I posted a few of my favorites on facebook here.  if you "like" my facebook photography page you can see some of the other sessions I've done recently too!

Melinda and Zach were so fun to work with.  They were truly a precious couple in every way!  When you see these pictures I have to tell you that the Bride made almost every detail that you see.  I have never seen so much time and effort poured into a wedding, and it was all so very Christ-centered.  I looked around thinking I had walked into a Pinterest showroom, it was that awesome!

Thank you to each of you have supported me in so many ways so far.  Through booking me, through a referral, liking my photos or through a simple text on a big day that reminds me that you're praying for me.  You'll never know how much each affirmation means to me!  


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