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Monday, November 26, 2012

thanksgiving and the perfect family photos

As tradition, we gathered for a family reunion in Monticello, GA.  Don't know where that is?  Me either.  Aaron and I were up ALL night with sick, coughing kids, so it was a miracle that we even made it this year.  Thankfully everyone was kind enough to wait on us for the big feast.  There are no food pictures here.  I can only imagine that we have all seen as much turkey as we can stand - until next year!

fake smile, so very fake
 "uncle beeul" decided to sit in the smallest chair on the porch.  Then he was stuck - literally.

 Marlee swiped my necklace.  Kept her content.  I'm ok with that!
 Walker and his mountain man daddy.
 Yaddi and Papa Ayan (Alan)
 Walker LOVED watching everyone play cornhole.  He was great at picking up all the beanbags that didn't land on the platform.  You can see his excitement!

 I loved looking at everyones family pictures from Thanksgiving.  You are all MUCH more photogenic that we are.  I mean - no matter what we do, we just can't get a "normal" family photo.  I guess we just aren't normal - and crazy is whatcha get!
 This little bundle is the newest family addition.  He's just 3 weeks new.  I held him, smelled his sweet baby smell, loved on him - then GLADLY gave him back to his mama!
Thankful for Thanksgiving, some extra time with family, lots of great food and most of all, just the opportunity to celebrate it another year!

Side note - Marlee's hat and hair bows are from Birdie & Peanut.  She is having a 50% off sale this month.  Check it out!

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